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Getting Fit With The Brotique

April 10, 2015

We love the idea of being fit with abs a plenty but for many it never really leaves the planning stage. Sometimes the hardest part is getting started, so we have rounded up our top five tips of where to begin when you want to start fighting fit. Lace up those trainers bro's!

Step 1, Ease into it. 

That initial feeling of intimidation is all too natural for anyone who first visits the gym. It's a common problem but try and put these woes to the back of your mind, everyone there is focused on their own goals so try stick with what you want to achieve. The fact you are even there is a great first step so don't be put off by the hard work of others, they may even have some pointers for you! Talk to one of the personal trainers, they are skilled to help all stages of fitness so know where to start you off.

Still too scared of the gym? Why not give YouTube a try? There are so many online tutorials you can try at home to help you sweat off those initial fears of gymming! 

Step 2, Spot me, bro. 

As hard as we might try we can’t always drag ourselves out of bed or stick to a meal plan, we’ll always find a reason to hit snooze or grab a snickers so getting a buddy involved provides that extra motivation. The benefits to having a friend go through the same struggles as you are endless. You’d be surprised what a little bit of friendly competition can do, pick a partner and profit.  

Step 3, Hygiene.

if you’re new to the gym you won’t yet have suffered the eye watering odor that the occasional member is splashing all over the equipment. I cannot stress enough how much you do not want to be that guy. Wipe the machines and clean yourself, it’s the easiest part of day and we’ve made it even easier. Scaramouche & Fandango’s sports pack hits all your hygiene needs as well as coming in a stylish bag. The sports wash is a space saving god send, hair, body, face and shave all in one tube, saving space and time and keep your fitness fresh. In addition to the sports wash the EDT is the perfect finishing touch to your after gym cleanse, top notes of grapefruit and citrus will offer a welcome change of scent. You’ll leave looking, smelling and feeling better than when you walked in.

Step 4, Plan ahead.

This is crucial, especially if you’re prone to laziness. How often do you tell yourself you’ll do it after or you’ll start next week? Jot down your diet, workouts and schedule and stick to it. Weight doesn’t lose itself, it’s not your house keys. Get into your routine and before long the gym will be a habit, just another part of your day and that’s the sweet spot. Plan, prepare and work hard. What was that John “Hannibal” Smith quote again?

Step 5, Form.

My word, the amount of people in the gym destroying their bodies because they haven’t done their homework or have decided to bench their ego as well the weight blows my mind. Usingcorrect form not only allows you to lift heavier, build more muscle, prevent injuries and perform at your optimal level, it also stops you from looking like a complete numpty. Swinging your arms like Tarzan whilst chewing your bottom lip has never looked good on anybody. Pick the appropriate weight and work your way up the rack at a pace that’s right for you. If you’re unsure about a specific movement ask a member of staff, they’ll more than happily help you and may even relish the opportunity to show off.

Five simple tips for you beginners. These won’t make you Hercules but they are some of the essential building blocks. Take each one and develop them in a way that works for you. You can do all the research in the world but until you walk through the door and put in the effort, you’ll never stop being a muffin.

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