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How to Find The Right Headphones for You

July 27, 2015

Marshall Major Headphones

How to find the right headphones for you!

So you're in the market for a new pair of headphones - something a bit more classy than your old model, more 'you'. But how can you narrow down the vast amount of options out there?

At the Brotique, we specialise in unique, high-quality products that reflect the kind of man you are, from unique gifts for men to the most stylish men's accessories. To help you choose the perfect pair of cans, we've picked out three common personality types and the kind of headphones we believe are ideal for them.

The Perfectionist

From achieving career goals to killing it on the football field, the perfectionist will insist everything in his life lives up to his high standards. This all-rounder needs a pair of headphones that delivers high marks on looks, sound quality and comfort. We'd suggest the Bang & Olufsen H2 - they come in three colour options, and their 40 mm custom driver with a dedicated bass port delivers clear, full and rich audio. As for the feel, the lambskin covering slips on as smoothly as a favourite jacket. The perfectionist will approve, we think.

The Dandy

Always sporting the hottest new threads, the dandy is obsessed with looking good, and wouldn't be seen dead wearing a dowdy pair of headphones. Our recommendation for this stylish man is the Bang & Olufsen Form 2i, a modern twist on a classic look. Light and sleek, this design is iconic enough to have been made part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It's no slouch in the sound stakes either, with punchy bass, clear middle and a precise high end.

The Hedonist

Always up for a night out and always first on the dancefloor, the hedonist is a fun-loving man who never takes himself too seriously. He'll want a pair of headphones to rock out all day long in, and we suggest the Marshall Major, from the famous brand who supplied guitar amps to many legendary rockers, from Jimi Hendrix to AC/DC. Designed from the same vinyl as the very same amps, these cool-looking cans have a clear sound and are designed to bear long hours of dedicated music-loving. Good times.

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