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Why Every Man Should Own A Slim Leather Wallet

July 27, 2015

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Why Every Man Should Own A Slim Leather Wallet

You might not think it, but your wallet says a lot about you. It’s ultimately the place where you store your most important possessions (money, keys, credit cards, driving licence, and photos of loved ones).

With this in mind, your choice of wallet should reflect how importantly you value such things. Although there is a huge range of wallets on the market at the moment, a lot of men are opting for slim leather wallets, for many reasons, including the following:

• Leather rarely goes out of style – unless you’re considering leather trousers or waistcoats, you can’t go wrong with a classic leather jacket or wallet. It screams cool.

• Leather wallets will match most outfits. Whether you’re clean shaven or rocking a beard, wearing a suit at a formal engagement or casually watching the match in jeans, a leather wallet will work in almost all settings.

• Leather products are hard-wearing and last a long time – choosing the right leather wallet is a statement in itself. It says, “this man knows quality, class and timelessness when he sees it and isn’t afraid to show it.”

Of course, it’s important to take good care of your slim leather wallet in order to keep it in good condition. Nobody wants to see a tatty old piece of leather that’s been accidentally through the wash too many times. With this in mind, be sure to make use of our handy leather care tips to ensure your wallet remains in tip-top condition.

Consider where best to keep your wallet

Most wear-and-tear your wallet experiences will come from everyday usage. If you’re placing it in the pocket of an item of clothing made from abrasive material (or even worse, placing it in your back pocket and sitting on it all day), it’s going to get damaged quickly.

What are the essentials?

While a bulging wallet might seem an attractive proposition to the ladies, it’s not going to do your actual wallet any favours. Don’t overload it with a large set of keys or other items that are likely to cause abrasions.

Moisture and dryness will affect your wallet

If your wallet goes through the dryer, chances are the leather may begin to crack unless you quickly apply some leather conditioner. If this is the case, we’ve got the stuff you need – as well as a host of other men’s accessories, all on one site.

At The Brotique, we are huge fans of the guys over at Bellroy. They have wallets for every type of man out there. From card sleeve to waterproof travel wallets, all crafted with care and attention to detail.

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