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A Gentleman's Guide to Travel Accessories

July 27, 2015


A gentleman's Guide to Travel Accessories

Here at the Brotique, we offer an impressive range of men’s travel accessories. This is because we believe that a gentleman like you should be prepared for anything, wherever his journeys take him. After all, you want to look impeccable and feel organised when you reach your destination. But what are the most important travel accessories for you to remember? After much consideration, we’ve created a list of the three most vital accoutrements to travel with.

You should always take a well-stocked washbag with you

Sadly, you can't always depend on finding adequate men’s grooming products at your destination, so it’s vital that you bring your own in a wash bag. You should include basic essentials such as soap, shampoo and shaving cream. If you have a beard or moustache, you should also be sure to include beard oil or balm or moustache wax. If you want to look your best wherever you go, it’s up to you to ensure that you have all the necessary grooming products.

Consider investing in a pair of sunglasses for your travels

You never know when the sun’s going to come out from behind a cloud and brighten your day. Trust us: you don’t want to spend any journey time squinting against bright light! Sunglasses can help make any brightly-lit trip made more comfortable, but they’re especially vital if you’re travelling by car. If you’re having difficulties seeing due to excessively bright sunlight, your driving is likely to suffer- sunglasses are a vital precaution!

You should never set off on any journey without a high-quality notebook

A notebook may not seem like the most practical accessory. However, it will allow you to record your thoughts regarding your adventures, jot down the phone numbers and details of any new acquaintances you make on your travels and keep essential notes on your destination (including directions on how to find your way around it)! A gentleman should know the true value of words and always keep a means of writing on him.

Naturally, you can find impeccable examples of all three of our suggested accessories in our online store, along with countless other handy accoutrements. We wish you the best of luck on your journeys, wherever the road takes you.

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