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3 Men's Accessories for a Suave Summer

July 27, 2015

3 men’s accessories for a suave summer

Summer is upon us and it’s time to think about how you can look your best in the sunshine. You’ve got your outfit sorted, but it’s not going to be complete until you accessorise. Get your moustache wax and beard oil ready and find out how you can get the look with these men’s accessories for a suave summer.

Wooden sunglasses

finlaly and bro sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great way of reflecting your personality, so why go for something plain? These are the perfect accessory if you want to stand out from the crowd whilst protecting your eyes this summer. Wooden sunglasses for men are smooth, sleek and go with almost anything. They’ll enhance paler colours and, if you want to wear something bright, they’ll play it down and give you an appearance that looks truly effortless. Check out our latest addition to our sunglasses family, Finlay & Bro Limited Edition Leadbury Luxe Walnut Sunglasses

Slim leather wallets

secrid mini wallet

Go for the sophisticated look this summer with a slim leather wallet. Not only do they look good, they’re sleek, efficient and save you from having bulging pockets. A slim leather wallet means you can access your cash and cards with ease and it will look and feel great whether you’re at work, on a business trip or relaxing in the sun. Wallets are often forgotten when it comes to accessorising an outfit, but they’re the perfect addition if you want to finish your ensemble off in style. Keep your money and cards safe and accessible in the Secrid Mini wallet

Fashion watches

phantom watch

A simple yet classic accessory, a watch is a stylish addition to any outfit. Let’s be honest here, if you’ve got a smartphone, you’re not relying on your watch to tell the time, so go for something that fits comfortably and looks terrific. For a suave and sophisticated look, go for a good quality leather strap - it will go with any outfit and won’t fade over time. The Guys at the Brotique are huge fans of Phantom timepieces made right here in the UK. 

No outfit is complete without the right accessories and these three are a necessity if you want to look suave this summer. You’ll find these awesome outfit add-ons here at The Brotique and remember, quality and comfort are just as important as aesthetics - get the right feel and the right look will follow.

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