Bring Style to Your Pad with a Revo Radio

August 21, 2015

Bring Style to Your Pad with a Revo Radio

They say that music is the food of love, but if you're playing that music through a sun faded, white, plastic clock-radio then the food's going to be served up cold.

The electronic devices that you fill your home with don't need to be bland, uninspiring slabs of plastic. They can be features within the rooms of your house in exactly the same way that furniture and ornaments are.

Revo's range of stylish, functionalist radios immediately add style to any room. When you wake up in the morning and look over to your alarm clock, resentment will be replaced with pride as you take in the anodised aluminium fascia and wooden case of your Revo radio.

Similarly, if you're cooking up a meal and want some music to accompany it, then what could be better than a Revo radio? As well as providing excellent sound quality, these radios will enhance rather than detract from your kitchen. For anyone who plans on doing some entertaining, they're practically a must-have item.

The radios are cased in furniture grade American walnut. This adds the same qualities of solidity and tactility to these devices that wooden cases gave to radios and hi-fi systems in the past. It also makes them look perfectly in keeping with a high quality kitchen or tastefully decorated bedroom.

For rooms that are decorated in a mid-century modernist style, the Revo range of radios make for a fitting complement to functionalist furniture. They also fit in well with minimalist designs and pretty much any stylish, contemporary interior.

Revo's SuperConnect and SuperSignal radios offer a great deal more than simple style. They allow listeners access to DAB and DAB+ stations, along with a whole range of other music sources. Using Revo radios, a whole world of music can be brought into any room in your home. They go beyond being radios into being a key component of your home music set up.

Revo SuperConnect

The Revo SuperConnect is the firm's flagship model. As well as offering DAB and FM radio, the Superconnect can log on to your home network via wi-fi and play internet radio stations. This opens up a whole host of unusual online options, playing a myriad of underground music genres. Whatever you or your guests are interested in listening to is likely to be being played by somebody somewhere.

The SuperConnect can also play music from computers and network attached storage devices, which makes it a great way to stream music around your home during a party. Similarly, Bluetooth equipped smartphones and tablets can connect to the radio and play music through it. This allows you to achieve excellent sound quality while playing music stored on these devices, making it easy for guests to bring music to play at your house.

The radio is also compatible with Spotify Connect. This gives access to millions of tracks from all over the world, spanning every conceivable style of music. You can set up a Spotify playlist that you think would be appropriate for a particular dinner party and then stream it from a computer or attached device to your radio. The Spotify app can be controlled from the device using the buttons on the fascia, or the pleasingly chunky remote control.

The sound quality is pleasingly weighty regardless of the source used for the music. As long as the volume knob is used judiciously, the sound won't tip into being too harsh or too bright. Deep, rich bass is provided consistently. Voices are distinct and clear, making it a good device for listening to Radio 4 or 5 Live.

Revo SuperSignal

Revo's SuperSignal is, if anything, even more stylish than its more fully featured big brother. As a bedside radio/alarm clock there is no device on the m
arket that can compete in terms of aesthetics. The radio is also equipped with a touch snooze feature, which allows you to simply touch anywhere on the aluminium fascia in order to gain a few vital extra minutes in bed.

As with the SuperConnect, this radio is able to stream music from smartphones and other Bluetooth equipped devices. This makes it a perfect device for playing some romantic melodies or listening to while reading in bed.

The amplifier and Balanced Radiator loudspeaker system are sufficiently powerful to fill a mid-sized living room with sound. For most bedrooms it should be more than powerful enough to create good sound quality throughout the space.

Whether you want to splash out on the internet ready SuperConnect or improve your home with the SuperSignal, Revo's range of radios will make your house a more pleasant place in which to live. Far too many people have been putting up with ugly looking electronic devices in their homes for far too long. Revo have created alternatives to the mundanity of mass produced plastic that we at Brotique are extremely happy to endorse.