What to get for the Man who has Everything

by Richard Murphy August 21, 2015 4 min read

What to get for the man who has everything


We all know that one gentleman who has everything. He's always the first to grab the latest technology, he has the most fashionable items in his wardrobe, an impeccable collection of toiletries in his bathroom and a home fully kitted out with stylish art and furnishings. While it's wonderful to know someone who has their life so perfectly held together and who lets you play with all their cool stuff, you are posed with a very big problem; what do you give them as a gift?

Don't despair. At Brotique we know this problem all too well, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you the perfect gift that even the man with it all will love.

Classic men's accessories

There's no denying that the man who has it all will have a full set of accessories in his closet, but since he no doubt likes to have options when it comes to choosing an outfit you can't go wrong by adding a few more stylish pieces to his wardrobe.

Good quality leather belts are essential to the man who has it all, so we recommend giving him a red Ballanby belt o add a splash of colour to his wardrobe. He may not have thought of a colourful belt before now, so in providing him with one you can rest assured he'll thank you for opening his eyes to new style possibilities.

Sunglasses are another great buy for the man who has it all, particularly these Finlay & Co Bosworth Ebony frames. They're just unique enough to make him stand out from t
he crowd, bohemian enough for that festival feel and sleek enough that he can wear them to work; a brilliant all rounder pair of shades that he'll thank you for every time he heads out into the summer weather.

Luxurious grooming gifts

We already mentioned that the man who has it all has a tip top collection of toiletries, but when it comes to facial hair a man can never have too many products. For the bearded whiskey-lovers we recommend the weird and wonderful Apothecary87 Whiskey Beard Oil Bundle. Not only does it nourish skin and beard, but it also has the alluring scent of whiskey and it's also limited edition; that's all the features needed to make a distinguished man with it all go weak at the knees.

For the smooth-cheeked guys out there, a touch of Baume.Be Pre-Shave Gel will ensure his face stays perfectly smooth and he smells wonderful. Baum.Be use natural ingredients in their products (there's Carrot Oil in this one; fancy, huh?), which makes them ideal for guys who have sensitive skin. It may seem like a simple gift, but the sleek, smart packaging and fresh, spicy scent make this a brilliant and unexpected gift.

Unique little gadgets

Despite the man with it all having the latest tablet, smartphone, television and laptop, he can always benefit from having extra mini gadgets to make his life that little bit more special. Take the 
Aeropress Coffee Maker for example; not only does it make it easier and faster than ever to make 'proper' coffee, it also lends itself to coffee brewing experiments so well that baristas across the globe use it in coffee making championships. If your man who has it all is simply a coffee addict, this is the perfect gadget to help him get his caffeine fix nice and fast every morning. If he's a total coffee connoisseur he'll love playing around with different brewing techniques to discover his perfect cup.

Another wonderful little gadget is the Beoplay A2 Speakers; they're portable, they're stylish and they give a really fantastic 360 sound. The guy who has everything will love having the ability to take the party with him wherever he goes, so we reckon these will go down a storm.

A collection of cool

If you'd rather not put all your eggs in one basket with one big present that he may already own, you could go down the route of buying him lots of little things and combining them into a cool man hamper. At Brotique you can select a hamper of your choice and we'll pack everything else that you checkout with inside it. You could pick a couple of toiletries, a sleek bow tie, some notebooks, a manly-scented candle and any other little bits and bobs that you think he'll take a shine to for a unique gift that is tailor-made to him.

If all else fails, let him choose

Still not sure that you've found the perfect gift for the many who has it all? Let him decide what he wants instead; give him a gift card. After all, there's no use buying him something he'll never use and he'll probably appreciate being able to grab lots of Brotique goodies of his own choosing.
Richard Murphy
Richard Murphy

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