How to use Beard Oil

by Richard Murphy October 19, 2015 5 min read

How to use beard oil

Once you've grown a beard, it's essential you maintain it properly. However long your beard, it's vital you keep it in sleek condition, not only to look smart, but also to avoid any skin irritation.

A key product to keep your beard healthy is beard oil. If you haven't used it before, here's a quick guide for beginners on how to make the most of the product.

Why use beard oil?

Many people end up shaving off their beard because it itches. Regardless of how long your facial hair is, once it starts itching, you'll feel the urge to shave, even if you love the way it looks.

A simple and effective solution to stop the itch is using beard oil. The reason your beard itches is because your skin, pores and facial hair are not being looked after properly. With the effective use of beard oil, the itch will be alleviated and your skin will become healthier. This is the case whether you have a short or very long beard. All lengths must be properly maintained.

Some people with beards prefer to wash and condition them, but don't use a leave-in conditioner. This will most likely lead to your beard losing its sheen throughout the day and you won't have that freshly groomed look. Beard oil is better because it has essential oils, therefore it conditions your beard constantly and also has a pleasant fragrance.

How to use beard oil

The length and texture of your beard determines how much beard oil you should use. Remember that a little goes a long way. The average, medium-length beard needs approximately six drops of oil per day, so if you've bought a one-ounce bottle and it seems small, remember it will last for around 100 applications if you have a mid-length beard.

On average, a beard with one to three months' growth will require four to six drops of beard oil per day; for three to 12 months' growth, you'll need six to ten drops daily; and for more than 12 months' growth, ten drops or more will be needed.

It's also worth noting that even if you prefer stubble rather than a full beard, you can still use beard oil to keep it sleek and your skin healthy, although just one drop will suffice.

It's up to you how much or little you use - everyone has their own personal choice and as you become more experienced in using beard oil, you'll work out the amount that's right for you. Your best bet is to start out using the guidelines, but if that doesn't feel right, adjust it until you know exactly how much you need.

Pouring methods for Beard Oils

It may seem odd to tell you how to pour the oil, but there are techniques that will help!

Beard oil is usually sold in small bottles containing one to three fluid ounces. Pouring beard oil isn't difficult, but there is an art to it. The best way is to turn the bottle upside-down and tap the required number of drops into the palm of your hand.

If the bottle has a dropper, always put it straight back into the bottle after use, not only to prevent spillage, but also to prevent any contamination.

When's the best time to use beard oil?

The best time to oil your beard is immediately after a warm shower. This is the time when your pores are open and facial hair is supple, so the end result will be more effective.

Simply get dry as normal, ensuring you towel-dry your beard too. Don't try to apply the oil when your beard is soaking wet, as the water will not mix with the oil and the treatment will beineffective. When your beard is almost dry, it's time to apply your beard oil.

How to apply beard Oil

First, pour the required amount of oil into the palm of your hand, as described above. Next, rub it between both hands to ensure even distribution.

Then, start off by rubbing the oil into your skin, massaging it well. This is why it's preferable to have had a warm shower first, as it will soak into your skin better, leaving it soft and supple. After this, start rubbing the oil into your beard. You can also rub it into your moustache if you like.

As you become more familiar with applying beard oil, you'll establish your own technique and it'll become second nature, in the same way as styling your hair is something you don't think twice about. Basically, as long as the oil is getting into your beard, you're doing it right!

If you're still unsure how to proceed, however, it's best to start distributing the oil at the base of your neck by rubbing your fingers gently through your beard hairs there, until you're touching your skin. Once that area has the beard oil evenly distributed, work your fingers upwards towards your cheeks, all the time rubbing the oil in so that every inch is covered.

Keep massaging the oil until you're sure the whole beard area is covered. Then, if required, continue the same motion to rub it on your moustache, although remember it's not necessary to put a lot of oil on your moustache, so use it sparingly here.

Finally, you can brush or comb your beard into place after massaging in the oil, as this helps spread it and groom your beard further.

If you have any oil left over on your hands once your beard is properly oiled, you can rub a little into your skin or your hair, as the healthier your skin, the less chance there is of you suffering any itching as you grow your beard.

How often to use beard oil

This is entirely up to you. Some people use it once a day after showering and treat it as a leave-in conditioner. This is effective if your beard is longer and has several months' growth. If your beard is short, or the weather is humid, you might feel the need to use oil only every two or three days. If you live in a dry climate, you may feel more comfortable by applying beard oil once in the morning, then again later in the day.

It depends what makes you most comfortable and really is down to personal choice.

Beardless – 1 month 2-3 drops 2-3 Times a Week
1 – 3 months 4-6 drops 4-5 Times a Week
3 – 12 months 6-8 drops Daily treatment
12 months + 8 drops and up Daily treatment


Start growing your beard!

If you already have a beard, now you know how to use beard oil, so you can keep it in tip-top condition, no matter how long it grows. If you've had only a short beard or stubble in the past, you might feel confident enough to grow a longer beard and experiment till you find a length that works for you.

Find a beard oil with a fragrance you like and you're ready to go. Remember, because the oil is under your nose, you'll be more aware of its fragrance at first, hence it's important to choose one you like. Over time, you'll notice the aroma less as you become used to wearing it.
Richard Murphy
Richard Murphy

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