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Christmas at The Brotique- One Year On

December 15, 2015


That festive time is upon us once again and though we are being kept on our toes  with all the Christmas shoppers here at The Brotique, we are never too busy to keep in to check in with our loyal customers and keep you up to date with what’s going on.


As some of you might know, last week was The Brotique’s second birthday and first anniversary of relocating to our new home at 39 Queen Street.

One year on and we can’t help but compare how much things have changed. Last year, come January our shelves were bare and in truth, we weren’t prepared for just how much demand there would be from both the bearded and beard allies. 


This year however we are working hard to avoid disappointment both over Christmas and into the New Year. Not only will we have ample stock of all your favourite brands like Braw Beard Oils, Uppercut Deluxe and P.F Candle Co. but we are happy to welcome several new brands into The Brotique family.


After the great success we have had with Jollies socks last year, we decided to heed the cries of all you sock lovers and help expand your collection with a pair or five of Alfredo Gonzalez socks.

Growing up on the streets on New York City, Alfredo customised his own socks with the buttons he found skating around Manhattan. Now his collections are inspired by things his loves and influences from those early days- be that the cities he has lived in along the way or something as simple as what he likes for breakfast. With each pair is finished with a signature button as a reminder of Alfredo’s stories and are a perfect combination of style and quality, with a splash of fun and humour.    




I’m sure by now you are all well aware of how much the guys at The Brotique love to support  independent brands but when we find a brand that is both independent and local, our ears really prick up! With Edinburgh based brands like Ballanby and Braw, and Glasgow based Hudson & Armitage, proving to be increasingly popular both amongst locals and those far and wide, we are proud to welcome a new Scottish grooming brand into the family. Draper + Dow.


Influenced by Scottish artists, architecture and science, Draper + Dow have mastered the formula to fit the needs of all types of men. For those looking for a great quality over an overpowering scent, Draper + Dow’s #2 Signature Beard Oil has a subtle, yet fresh scent of citrus and coconut.  For those who want no smell at all- The #0 Deodorised Beard Oil will keep your beard looking neat and tidy without interfering with your favourite cologne. Without a doubt, our favourite product to come from this new company is their #4 Beard and Stubble Hydrator and that is all down to their key ingredient, Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate found in nearly every cell in the body, this molecule binds to more than 1000 times its weight in moisture to keep our skin healthy. The Draper + Dow #4 Hydrator uses Hyaluronic serum to actually moisturise the skin and hair, soothing and repairing skin while also reinforcing the hair follicles and hair itself.


As much as we love our beards, like most guys we love our gadgets too! This year we were over the moon to start stocking a fantastic New York brand, Master & Dynamic.

Each pair of Earphone and Headphones is handmade in the U.S and not only is the sound quality incomparable but the look and feel of them is out of this world. With a stark contrast between the stainless steel components and forged aluminium body, and the premium cowhide headband with soft lambskin ear pads- the MH40 headphones are more like a piece of art. They are a definite favourite with both customers and staff alike and are bound to get you noticed while you walk down the street in your own wee world.



As much as we love new customer’s we love to show our regulars just how much they are valued and this year, we are offering half price gift wrapping in store to all return customers. We have carefully  designed and selected a range of different wrapping paper, boxes and bows in all shapes and sizes to make sure that your gifts are ready to go and will look pride of place under your tree. We like to think that we have a keen eye for detail so we guarantee that you wont be disappointed. Ask in store about the different options we have and one of our team members will be happy to make sure the outside looks just as good as the inside.


Don’t forget to pop in and see us this Christmas and check out all our exclusive, in store offers. We know time is precious so we have plenty of gift sets packed up and ready to go. However, if time isn't so much of an issue, we are alway happy to offer suggestions and help create a tailor made gift set or hamper with items from any of our departments. Happy Christmas everyone!




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