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Introducing Manly Washing Detergent

March 15, 2016

Manly Washing Detergent - The Brotique

The Brotique’s thoughts on washing detergent specifically designer for men.

Here’s a response to the recent BBC article that discusses detergent for men and whether it has a place in the market.

Consider the plait of aroma and scents available to don on a daily basis. To depart from the ruffian stereotype and delve into the day without so much as a head nod towards how your clothes smell can be questionable to the passing nasal passages.

From head to tail we carry a plethora of hand picked scents. Why should the modern man be coaxed into the heavily floral laundry basket of today? Laundry detergent, tailored for men, could be your next purchase for the cupboard under the sink. Instead of jasmine, lily and daffodil; consider oak, musk and foliage sans le fleur.

Organic, vegan and eco friendly detergents is a blossoming trend and will aim to take care of your environment whilst the environment is hopefully taken care of, so they are our detergent of choice. These tend to have less strength in scent and in sense may assist with a gender neutral tone. To consider the environment further, try Mr Black’s Denim or Linen Refresh to freshen up with a gentle scent suitable for all. Just to confirm, Mr Black is the name of the creator not a nod towards Men’s apparently specific washing needs.

For the rich, robust and ripe there are stronger detergents to quell the demands of a well earned glow from an overactive day. Again, Mr Black’s Sports Refresh is a good option to deal with strongly scented activewear. The difference between a gent specific washing goo and a ladies washing liquid is few and far between regardless of packaging. Granted, who would purchase separate gunk for a gent when the majority of products are for all genders?

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