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Part Two - Styling and Maintaining a Short Beard

In case you missed it check out phase one here


It’s been a week or so, and that beard you’re working on is coming on fast. In this next blog, we will walk you through how to, shape, maintain and style a short beard. There's also a few tips on the best beard oils, balms and shampoos that will help you out at this stage.

So it’s time to style, don’t let the stragglers ruin the look of your new facial hair. You’ve suffered the initial itching and brillo pad stubble so now’s the time for that hard work to pay off. Get that beard looking great!


Choosing a Beard Style

 If your goal was short and neat facial fluff, or less than one centimetre in length, it’s likely that you’re there. The stage you’re at now is shaping it, we would recommend visiting an expert barber shop such as Ruffians, they know what they’re doing and will make sure the shape and style of your beard blend into your face shape and fit your personal style. They will also be able to talk you through the beard style options and offer advice on the maintenance of your beard based on your own skin and beard type.

Any professional barber will also be able to talk you through the beard style options and offer advice on the maintenance of your beard based on your own skin and beard type. After visiting the barbers for the initial style, you could use their advice and mimic the style they expertly sculpted at home with a toolkit and steady hand.

In terms of styling your beard, or asking the barber to style it, there are two main decisions to make. Whether you want it neatly sculpted just under the the jaw-line to give it a sharp look, however, if you are concerned by being on trend, it would be worthwhile considering have the beard line further under the jaw almost to the top of the neck, but no further. Any stray hair that goes further than the top of the neck would be best shaved away.

Typically, for this length of beard, the most important thing is ensuring that the beard tapers lightly to blend the sideburns and the underside of your chin. If you made the wise decision to head to the barbers, maintaining the line around your jawline is much easier as you can use their expert line as a guide.

Beard Grooming at Home

So first things first, give yourself plenty of time to sort your beard out, trimming and shaving in a rush might end in disaster and send you back to the dreaded stubble!

You’ll find you need to check and trim your beard regularly in between visits to the barber, even if you have them do it when you go for a haircut. Getting your beard styled and trimmed at the barbers initially will make grooming at home much easier as you’ll have the end style in mind and a line to follow.

Once you've got the style you want you can keep it in check yourself with a really sharp pair ofshort bladed scissorsor articulate but powerful electric trimmer. Pick yourself up a Zeus boar bristle brush, this smaller one is perfect for the length of beard you're at just now.

Refining the style of your beard, as they do at the barbers, may also mean shaving your neck and the top of the cheekbones dependant on your chosen style. If you visited the barber’s first, it’s likely that you will be able to see the line they created for you, so if you were happy with the way it looked then it’s best to follow that. However, if you don’t have a line to go by, the general rule is going from the bottom of your sideburns to the start of your moustache. However, be warned, too low is a disaster so take it slow and use a sharp Safety or Straight Razor to give you more control. We have plenty of shaving cream, soaps and oils to choose from so this is up to your own preference but here are our favorite pairings; Muhle Shaving Cream with a Muhle safety razor and Piccadilly Shaving Cream with a Dovo straight razor.

After your beard is back to it’s neat and pleasing to the eye (and touch) state, give it a gentle wash and rinse it with cool water to get rid of those loose hairs before applying a drop of oil to condition the newly trimmed ends.


At this length you should keep washing your beard twice-three times a week, but no more, unless you get particularly dirty at work. Remember to use a just a small amount of soap, wash or shampoo specifically designed for beards. Most guys have a tendency to wash their face and hair far too vigorously, forgetting how easily damaged you skin and follicles are. Washing and drying gently, and with the water at a cool temperature, will help your hair grow thicker, faster and healthier.

For this length and style, we would recommend one of the threeMen Rock washes-Oak Moss to enhance oils with a scent that evokes the outdoors such as Sandalwood,Lime & Caffeine if you are looking for a zesty scent that will encourage growth and, finally,1814AD for a more complex scent and nourishing feel. If you want to fully commit at this stage, it would be worth buying the Men Rock Oak Moss Beardy Belovedset so you have all your needs at a lower cost. 

After washing and drying your beard, gently rub a drop or two of oil daily, oils have different qualities so it’s important to find one that is suitable for your skin. Our ‘Find your Beard Oil’ blog will help you figure this out, using the right oil for you will keep the hair and skin in top condition. If you find your skin is becoming oily but you’re using a good quality beard oil, try using aMen Rock beard balm every two days and the oil just twice a week. If you have the Men Rock soap you can go for a matching scent. This is a great way to fine tune your own beard and skin care process, but using the products you already have. 

Beard Oil 

In terms of oil, it is best going for a skincare focussed one such as, Braw Lover, at this stage. Draper & Dow's Hydrator is also great for balancing out the skins natural oils if you've got a bit of an itchy beard, or Gentlemens Cuckaboo if you're looking for a more defined scent. When applying beard oil, make sure you don’t just rub it on the outside, or top layer of your beard. It’s important to get it to the hair underneath, especially the dense hair directly behind the chin, under the jaw. With oils based on Jojoba or coconut oil you want to massage right down to the skin.

Caring for your beard is all about experimenting until you find the regime that is best for you, and the oil balance will continue to adjust until your skin becomes used to the beard so be prepared to make changes! Take a look at our full Beardcare Collection if you want to browse the full range, all of our stock is tried and tested so we guarantee it's great!

If you’re having some issues sorting out a beard care regime that suits your needs, just give us a shout. For those of you going longer, keep in the loop through our social media to find out when our next blog launches.

Find out more about one of our favourite Beard Oil ranges in this Hudson & Armitage Beard Oil blog. Go back to the first blog on growing your beard here.


Richard Murphy
Richard Murphy

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