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April 29, 2016

The Brotique's Ultimate Guide to Mens Hair Styling Products

If you're not sure which product is best for your ideal hair style, then this is the blog for you. 

When deciding on which mens hair pomade, clay or wax to use there are a few questions you need to consider before picking up your next pot.

First things first, when are you going to apply your chosen product? Obviously, the morning is ideal to make sure you’re looking good all day long. But should you put your product on wet or dry hair?

Wet Hair

If you’re looking for a slick sheen to your hair, applying your product when your hairs slightly damp will really help to get that slick rick look to you’re aiming for. Best choice for this kind of look is the Layrite Super Shine Pomade , it’s the barber’s choice for a reason and one we can’t get enough of in store

Dry Hair

If you prefer a more au naturel approach and want a matte finish to your quaff, then make sure your hair is dry before applying your product. They’ll be no moisture, so no sheen to worry about if you prefer to look less slick. Uppercut Deluxe Matte Clay Is unique as it’s easy to work with, gives a strong hold and maintains its finish regardless of the weather.

We can appreciate that no two men are the same when it comes to hair, some are blessed with flowing locks, and some have to make do with what’s left. Many of our hair products bear this in mind and have geared their ranges to cater to all.

Thick Hair

If you struggle to tame your mane and keep it in check throughout the day then we’ve got you covered. We’re based in Edinburgh, the ‘other’ Windy City, so it’s not surprising that one of our best sellers is designed to overcome nature trying to mess with your barnet. Layrite Super Hold is the same consistency and finish as the original but is much much stronger. Its also great if, unlike me, you have a set style in mind and want to stick with it. Put it in and forget about it, it’ll hold captain.

Thin Hair

As a man with thin hair, I know better than most the trials and tribulations associated with finding the right product. More often than not i’d leave the house looking like Marty Mcfly and by the time i’ve made it to work i’m more Doc Brown. My hairs probably so thin because I shape it so much through the day, and if you’re the same then I strongly recommend Layrite Original . It’s easy to work with, easy to wash out and smells like vanilla, it’s pretty much the ideal co-worker in pomade form.


If you’re more focussed on getting the right look for a special occasion, then here’s what we’d recommend.

Slick Back

Suavecito. Classic style and easy to maintain with a pocket comb a slick back look is great for summertime. If you want to look like Leonardo Di-Caprio but dont have the swathes of supermodels keen to slick back your hair for you then we’d recommend Suavecito regular pomade. Medium shine and hold means you can slick it back to your hearts content.


If you want to make a display and walk the streets like the beautiful peacock you are, then you’re probably looking for a pompadour. It takes a lot of time to get this look right, so you want to know you’re working with pomade that’s easy to shape and built to last, that’s why Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is your best shout. Its great for minor tweaks or for massive displays of styling prowess so give it a shot. P.s an Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller is great if you lose your point and want to re-adjust through the day.


Monster hold. The aptly named psycho style is starting to make a real comeback, popular with punks and rockers around the world it’s a real statement and needs a pomade to make sure it stays where it needs to be all day. Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold features frankenstein’s monster on the tin and if you liberally apply the product before styling it’ll be stiffer than the man himself. As we’re based in Edinburgh, the wind can get out of hand to say the least, and the monster hold is great for less bold styles in our windy city.



If you like to put a lot of effort into making it look like you’ve not put a lot of effort then you’re probably a “messy” kind of guy. If you don’t care,whatever neither do we, then we’d recommend using Byrd Classic on your mop. Inspired by the gentleman surfer of the 1960s Byrd products harken back to an era where grooming was an essential part of any man’s routine. Designed to resist the strongest of currents, Byrd will keep you looking messy all day but is also easy to shape into something sharper after the surfings done.

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