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September 09, 2016

As September starts and the summer draws to a close, The Brotique team feel it's time to adjust your beard grooming regime with a new beard oil, something a little more fitting for the seasons to come.

Autumn Beard Oil Guide | Mens Beard Grooming Blog | The Brotique Edinburgh

In our Queen Street mens store, we offer a wide range of beard oils that possess a deeper, richer aroma, reminiscent of the season’s natural scents. Here’s a selection of a few of our favourites for Autumn!

    1. Fellows 'Autumn Warmth' Beard Oil 

Autumnal by name and indeed by nature, Fellows have created the perfect blend of Autumn notes. The muskiness mixes delightfully with the crisp scent of a walk through the forest. If you pine over crunching leaves underfoot and the rich colourfulness that Autumn brings with it, this is the beard oil for you. Coming in a 30ml bottle with a pump applicator, this is the perfect beard oil for those on the go, as you can keep your beard looking sharp no matter what Autumnal activities you engage in.

      1. Spice Trade - Mariner Jack  Beard Oil 

A bold fruity blend of cinnamon and orange, Spice Trade conjures images of a warm fire blazing, and reclining in an old leather armchair with a hearty Gluhwein in hand. This bold and nostalgic beard oil is rich, warm and fragrant; offering the wearer olfactory glimpses of autumnal comfort. This beardcare product is perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed approach to life throughout the colder months ahead and more traditional blends of scents.

      1. Bearded Bastard 'Opium Den' Beard Oil 

If you’re looking for something perhaps a little different then look no further than The Bearded Bastard’s offering in the form of their Opium Den Beard Oil, an aromatic escape to the markets of the Far East far away from the nearing cold. Handmade in Austin Texas from a blend of natural ingredients, including sweet almond oil and grape seed oil to ensure your beard stays soft, manageable and well groomed throughout the harsh months ahead. This oil is perfect for those looking for a bit of an escape throughout the winter months, its complex blend of spices makes for an aroma that is warm, woody and inviting.

      1. First Olympian 'Zeus' Beard Oil 

First Olympian’s Zeus beard oil is a musky and sophisticated affair that oozes class and wouldn’t be amiss in the boardroom or the ballroom, a classic old school scent that is synonymous with Europe’s First Original Beard specialists, First Olympian. Hailing from Durham, in the north of England, these oils are thick and rich, perfect for those with longer beard styles and keeping the beard hydrated and healthy, no matter what weather may come your way.

      1. Portland Beard Cologne and Conditioning Oil 

A unique product, in that it serves as a beard oil and cologne, both helping to keep your beard lush and conditioned whilst also ensuring you smell your best throughout the day. Inspired by the elements and infusing rich notes of leather and tobacco, Portland’s beard oil is undeniably manly, carrying notes of musk in a rich, thick oil, this is the perfect product for those with longer beards which may at times be a little tough to maintain. Packaged in a beautiful frosted bottle with a cork stopper and leather cover, this is the perfect gift for the bearded man in your life, making sure his beard stays well groomed.


For the men out there with Autumn birthdays, any of these beard oils make great gifts for men. Their scents offer a touch of luxury to any mens grooming regime, especially if they are choosing to grow a beard to stay warm for the winter winds. For more autumn gift ideas, have a look at our autumn essentials collection. 

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