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August 22, 2016

At the Brotique, the Bear Face mens beard grooming range has been a popular staple on our shelves, and here's why! 

Hailing from Brighton, the independent Bear Face Industries Ltd has been formulating the finest beard oils, beard balms and moustache waxes since 2013.


Their ethos is dedicated to supporting underground music, tattoo and even cage fighting scenes, shown in their charismatic eyepatch-wearing bear logo. This is a brand devoted to an alternative lifestyle and their scents and products are a clear reflection of this.

All of Bear Face’s beard oils are created from natural oils including: Apricot Kernel Oil, a natural nourishing agent, Argan Oil, an essential for hydrating damaged or dry beard hair and Jojoba Oil, which possesses a protective ability to keep your beard looking its best. This trifecta of essential natural oils work together in order to soothe your skin, soften your beard hair and to ensure a strong hold and shape to your beard that will endure whatever the day may throw your way. All of the Bear Face products are packed with natural ingredients and ethically produced. 


Bear Face Sweet Collection

Reminiscent of a traditional childhood sweet-shop, stacked full of glass jars and mint humbugs, Bear Face’s Sweet scent (available in their beard oil and beard balm) is a nostalgic journey back in time with punches of peppermint and a delectably sweet and fragrant scent that is powerful, long-lasting and sure to keep your facial follicles fresh throughout the day ahead. Additionally, scientific studies show that peppermint tends to increase concentration and focus and also has relaxing properties, meaning you’ll stay cool, calm and collected thanks to this beard oil.


Bear Face Fresh  Collection

If you’re in the market for a natural and invigorating scent, perhaps the Bear Face Fresh Beard Oil is for you. With notes of rosewood mixed with spearmint, this is an oil that is perfect for those with oily skin, as the natural oils work in conjunction with the skin and beard’s natural oils in order to rejuvenate your face. This scent is also said to hold properties that help in boosting the immune system and even fight colds. A wholly unique scent, the fresh oil is one for those looking for something bold yet natural.


Bear Face Spicy Collection 

Alternatively for those looking for something more that offers more control that will still condition for your beard, Spicy by Bear Face is the obvious choice. This beard balm is perfect for those who prefer a subtle yet manly scent that offers an excellent hold to tame stray hairs and structure to your beard. 


Bear Face Mo'Wax

When it comes to moustaches, Bear Face Ltd, again has you covered. Their Mo’Wax Scoop n’ Twizzle Moustache Wax is perhaps one of our most portable moustache waxes, easily fitting into your pocket so you can keep that ‘tache firmly styled wherever you may be. Formed from Beeswax, which naturally promotes hair growth and Shea Butter which is ideal for those with sensitive skin, this small but powerful Moustache wax is convenient and offers the wearer a refreshing bright aroma with notes of grapefruit, rosewood and spearmint.


Bear Face Ltd has formulated the perfect range of products; products that offer your facial hair a firm and strong hold to last throughout the day, but also products that have established a unique range of scents and styles, meaning there’s truly something on offer for any discerning beardsman.

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