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The Brotique's Twelve Tips of Christmas Shopping 

Playing Santa isn't all fun and games, we're here to help you get your christmas gift shopping done early this year.

We know it's daunting braving the weather and hunting around for the perfect thing, so follow these tips to make it as smooth as possible. Although our speciality is gifts for men, this guide applies to all gift buyers!


1. Start now!

Leaving it to the last minute doesn’t work, and the day creeps up on you fast, so don’t procrastinate! Start with some research, if you’re not into shopping, then make sure you know what you’re getting and where you’re going.

We do a click and collect service, and are ready to answer your call if you need to know more about a product before you pop in. Have a look at our Early bird gift guide to get some inspiration.


2. Have a plan, winging it is stressful

Heading out the door with a list in hand is a good way to start, you will start the day with the sense of purpose and get yourself in the gift buying mindset. Like a lot of others, I’m not really into aimlessly wandering around or getting to the other side of town before realising the shop I need is back the way I came. Get your route mapped out, or check out the route we’ve planned.


3. Have a think about your budget

It’s good to know your budget before you start shopping, agreeing your budget with your partner before you start is a good way of going about this. Another great thing about starting early is that last minute buying tends to be more expensive. When you’re unprepared and haven’t thought of the perfect thing, then spending more money is usually the outcome.

Like so many other great independent stores is that we will guide you to the best buys that stick to your budget.


4. Make the most of independent stores

Edinburgh is full of fantastic stores, and going to these local stores tend to be away from the main high street as well as being full of more unique products. You can almost guarantee that you won’t be exchanging the same pair of socks or aftershave.

We’re mapping out our most favourite stores in Edinburgh, each of which have a unique gift to offer. We'll be posting this guide very shortly so sign up to the newsletter to make sure you don't miss it!


5. Talk to the staff if you’re stuck

Another key benefit of shopping independent is the service. Here at The Brotique we have the time to talk to you, and we want to help you.

Due to the fact that we keep our staff small and only stock the absolute best (all hand picked by our staff) we can tell you all you need to know. Even if you can’t make it to the store, we are more than happy to hear from you by email, phone or social media. The chances of you needing to hold are very slim, and we promise to get back to you straight away with all the information. 


6. Steer clear of generic gifts

As we’ve covered, the best way to do this is by not going to generic stores. With so many options there’s no need to struggle through the crowds. Again, keep an eye out for  our upcoming guide around independents in Edinburgh, you’ll be guaranteed something different in any of these stores. There’s also the option of checking out etsy to find something unique or personalised.


7. Hydrate, with caffeine

With the darker nights and the long day of shopping in the cold, hot beverages and caffeine are a must. Put these two things together for a great coffee at one of Edinburgh’s many independent cafes. We’ve made sure we have included a few options in the upcoming independent Edinburgh guide so you can grab a great coffee wherever you are.


8. Shop online

This option is always there, most websites will have a gift guide now however be careful of the dreaded generic gifts. Another thing to remember is that last minute online shopping is a terrible idea, the statement “you’ll get yours in the next 2-3 weeks…” does not go down well with anyone.

To make things even easier for you, we've put together a collection of great christmas gifts for men. We can even gift wrap them with a personal note from you and send them straight to their door! Check out the Earlybird Gift Guide.


9. Do not panic buy.

If you start now then there’s no need to stress, follow all the steps and you’ll be absolutely fine. Panic buying is a waste, so if it really is the last gasp then grab a gift voucher or a really lovely card with some cash in it.

When the stress starts to hit we would recommend giving yourself some time for a rest, come by for a seat and a game of the snez.


10. Ask for advice, or if they’re really fussy, a list!

If you are buying for someone with very particular taste then it’s always better to just ask, they’ll probably appreciate it more. However, if it’s not them thats fussy and actually you being a lazy buyer, then don’t ask- just follow the steps and have a good think about it!

Write down a list of the things they like- brands, hobbies, products… then go from there. If you get on this quickly, you’ll have time to get something personalised or custom made.


11. Treat yo’self!

Christmas gift shopping is stressful, you deserve a treat. Although you’ve probably put out some serious cash on gifts, just remind yourself that you’ll probably have some money from your gran or a gift to return, so really you’re just spending that…

This treat could even be a practical one, get yourself a nice haircut for going to your mums for christmas or a few beers to congratulate yourself one being the new gift guru.


12. Never give up!

It’s tough, but you’ll get there. Our biggest piece of advice is to shop independent, we have time to look after you and help you find something great. Not to mention the fact that we will advise you on where to head next!


If there’s anything else you need, get in touch with and we’ll answer all of your chrismtassy queries! For now, have a look at our Winter Style Tips to find out how to look great and stay warm while you’re out shopping.

The Guys The Brotique
The Guys The Brotique

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