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August 05, 2016

The Brotique Guide to the Essentials for Edinburgh Fringe Festival

So you’ve decided to visit the Edinburgh Fringe?

Before you navigate the ancient streets of Edinburgh’s medieval Old Town searching for comedy clubs and theatre venues, take a peruse of our tips for visiting the world’s largest arts and culture festival!

Plan ahead

It may have been our national bard Robert Burns who said that “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley,” but when it comes to taking in everything on offer at the Fringe, forward planning is a must. With over 3,000 individual shows and over 50,000 performances over the space of three weeks, the Fringe can at first seem a tad daunting but do not fret. Pick up a Fringe program, stocked everywhere in town and about as thick as an old yellow pages you can’t miss them, and absorb the festival’s offerings.

Why not pick up one of our Leuchtturm notebooks in order to start your adventure into the arts? Having made the finest notebooks since 1917, the German company offers a premium product with numbered pages and archive quality paper. A must for keeping a detailed and efficient plan for your Fringe festivities.

When it comes to the weather, pray for the best and expect the worst.

It’s no secret that August is perhaps one of Scotland’s wettest months. Come a few months earlier in April and May and you’ll experience first hand the beauty of a Scottish summer, however with August comes frequent downpours. As you traverse the Royal Mile, ducking in and out of ancient alleyways to avoid the oncoming rain make sure to keep your valuables safe and protected from anything the Scottish elements can throw at them. Here at The Brotique, we offer a number of goods to keep your essentials dry and safe. Take for example the Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket, featuring the finest Australian leather and a water resistant zip, the pocket is an important accessory for any would be Fringe punter.

Men's Grooming is key

As the world’s largest arts festival, the Edinburgh Fringe has become somewhat of a destination for the cultural elite, with journalists, world famous comedians and even the occasional movie star taking in the artistic offerings of Auld Reekie.

You truly never know who you might pass by in the street or meet in an Edinburgh Old Town pub, therefore be prepared for any potential celebrity encounters with our travel sized version of an old favourite, Captain Fawcett’s moustache wax. This pocket- sized moustache comb and moustache wax combination will keep any stray hairs firmly in place. With a recipe stemming from that of the intrepid Edwardian explorer Captain Peabody Fawcett, this mo wax is sure to withstand a number of pints as you socialise with your comedy idols.

Stand out of the crowd

With an average annual attendance of 400,000 it’s very easy to get lost in the throes of the Royal Mile as hundreds of eager performers entice you to come and see their show. To save time and avoid losing your party make sure to invest in one of our Brixton hats. With a classic and sophisticated look you’re sure to stand out from the masses with this Brixton Stout Pork Pie hat. Its expertly crafted felt exterior, comfortable silk lining and colourful feather will ensure maximum comfort and make sure that your friends never lose you to the crowds of the Royal Mile.

Pack a good book

From time to time the Fringe can involve some waiting around for shows to start. If you feel that you’ve explored everything the capital has to offer and just fancy putting your feet up for a bit be sure to check out our selection of compelling reads. Whether it’s fashion, lifestyle or food that tickles your fancy, our library has something to pique the interest of any discerning reader and to help those pesky hours between shows fly by.

Keep a look out on our social media for all of our Fringe reviews and our teams favourite shows! 


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