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Top Six Must Watch Movies 

After reviewing all of the great films to watch from last year for another blog, I found there were just too many great films to see.

I know, in the Movie Catch Up Blog I said that there was only four Sundays necessary, but once I got started I found there was more work to do than I suspected. Here are six films that were released in 2016 or early this year, so you can still catch them at the cinema!


6. Lion, Garth Davis 

This emotional drama follows Saroo, a man who was adopted and moved to Australia after becoming lost in Calcutta at the age of five, while he goes back to India to search for the family that he lost. I'm looking forward to seeing this widely praised film, and Dev Patel's award winning performance. 

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5. Moonlight, Barry Jenkins

A coming-of-age drama like no other, he evolution of an African American man growing up in a challenging setting and circumstance. This film chronicles his childhood, adolesence and adulthood and his struggle with his sexuality and identity in a truly visually stunning film. 

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4. Manchester by the Sea,Kenneth Lonergan

The narrative follows Lee Chandler as he returns to his hometown and strives to take care of his brothers teenage son, after his untimely and tragic death. This film received wide critical acclaim, and I feel the need to emotionally prepare myself to see it! 

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3. Hidden Figures, Theodore Melfi

The untold story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, three revolutionary African-American women who were pivotal to the early NASA Space Programme. A film with comedy, drama and a strong message of empowerment. 

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2. Lala Land, Damien Chazelle 

An actress and jazz pianist are drawn to each other, falling into a love that is fragile while they try to make it as artists in modern day LA. The American musical brings a new angle to the usual definition of the genre and, with all of it's success (almost winning best film at the Oscars...), it is definitely worth seeing. 

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1. Fences, Denzel Washington

I was curious to see Denzel Washington in this role, as he was the Director as well, also being a big fan of Viola Davis, I was interested in seeing her in this too!

The film is set in 1950s Pittsburgh, and follows the story of Troy Maxon, a waste collector who almost made it as a baseball star. With the main issue addressed is race and the strife associated to being African American in this time, this theme carries and works alongside other key issues faced by the characters. 

The Brotique Edinburgh | Top Five Must See Movies

Some of these are still in the cinema, so if you can get along to see them then do it! Not too worry if you don't make it though, they'll be released fairly soon to watch in the comfort of your own home. If you fancy some chocolate for your visit, and would rather take your own to avoid extortionate dairy milk buttons, try out some Ocelot chocolate. 

So there it is, with this and the other Sunday Movie Catch Up Blog, I think there are plenty of films to work through for now! Stay tuned for more film and music reviews. 


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