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From smelly rucksacks to hard shell luggage, The Brotique team know what you need to pack for you're winter travels. 

So there’s a few types of traveller and for the purposes of this blog we’ve picked; the jetsetter, the city breaker, the wanderer and the parent. These four categories that are all represented in The Brotique team, so we have a pretty good idea of the needs of these traveller archetypes!

All of these categories have specific needs, whether it’s the dad who is in charge of keeping the ipad (a vital tool for travelling with kids) charged and safe, the city breaker who needs an under 100ml washbag for his hand luggage, the jetsetter who needs a ‘go’ wallet he can pick up and get out the door quickly with, or the wanderer, those with the luxury of travelling around on extended holidays who need a bit of organisation in their rucksacks.


The Parent 

Whether it’s a short flight for a weekend in Disneyland Paris or the dreaded long haul one to Sydney, there are a couple of things we think would make that trip a bit more comfortable. As much as we love our children, travelling with them can be challenging, particularly with that angry traveller who seems to be against noise and children. First of all, here’s a tip, invest in an ipad and download plenty of games, movies and calming music (not just for them, but for you too!)


Hidden Stag Hoodie

Aeroplanes are cold so a comfortable hoodie is a must But, the added bonus for the parent is that when your kids are cold on a longer flight, you will have a makeshift blanket to avoid dramas. There’s also the fact that space in suitcases for parents is slim, so layering up is a great idea.


Recipe For Men Cleanser

So it’s your holiday too, and this luxurious cleanser will only take up a little bit of space in your bag. This wash is great to clean and lightly exfoliate your face and body after a busy day with your family. 


The Jetsetter

Whether it’s for business or you’re just doing longer trips, jet setting can be tiring. Here’s a couple of things that will keep you organised, relaxed and comfortable on those longer haul flights and the connections in between.


Bellroy wallets passport case

We love this passport sleeve and always keep it in a safe spot with our passport in it, ready to go. It comes in tan or black leather and has a pen attached, basically it’s a stylish way to carry your passport through the airport whilst also keeping it safe.


Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones

On those longer haul flights, having some great headphones is an absolute must. These are stylish, comfortable and, most importantly, offer the best sound money can buy. Not only will they save you from the awful in flight headphones, they will keep all the external noise out to make sure you have a quiet journey and you can watch movies in peace.


City Breaker

For those of us who can only take a few days off work, and those who prefer a fast paced break, a city break is the way to go. From London to Barcelona, these products are valuable and versatile across climates and city types. 


Toms Shoes Chukka Boots

Not only are these really versatile for both a day in the office or one walking around a city, they look great and are so comfortable. These shoes would be perfect in flight as well, so if you’re just taking in flight luggage, you’ll only need one pair of shoes.


Murdock London Weekend Getaway Set

Our travelling tool kit is by the iconic men’s grooming brand Murdock London, it has all you need to keep your skin and hair clean and fresh. Add in a mini layrite hair styling cream and a kent folding comb to keep your hair styled all day.


Layrite mini Cement Hair Clay 

A fantastic product for any of these travellers really. The cement hair clay will keep it all in place no matter what the weather, and the mini tub is fine for your in flight bag. 


The Wanderer

For those first timers, you may have under-estimated your ability to lug around that back pack. Here’s a couple of things that are small enough to fit in your bag, and light enough not to further weigh you down. Plus, they’re really functional, we know how important it is not to waste valuable space!


Jarre Aeroskull Speaker

If you are heading off on a trip solo, hoping to meet people along the way, bluetooth speakers are a definite commodity. Being the person with the music is always a good one to be, whether you’re with a group of old friends or are on the road on your own.


Draper & Dow Beard Oil

This might seem like a strange one, but when you are travelling around in all those different climates it could be a disaster for your facial hair, which you will undoubtedly have after a few weeks. Keeping up with shaving while you trek around and stay in tents or hostels is difficult. Draper & Dow’s deodorised beard oil will have it smelling fresh with it’s citrus notes as well as cleaning the skin underneath. This oil isn’t too rich, so don’t worry about it feeling greasy, as you also only need a small amount it will last ages and it comes in an aluminium tightly sealed bottle, so no risk of an oily bag!


Mr Blacks Sports Refresh

Just to reiterate, back packs start to smell terrible very quickly. Having some sports refresh to hand is the best way to make sure your trip isn’t ruined by some pungent odours following you around. Also, the people you meet along the way will be thankful that their dorm mate doesn’t smell like an unwashed heathen.


For Them All! 

Finally, the one thing they all need in their travelling kit is the This is Ground Lifestyle Roll or for those with extra stuff, the This is Ground Tech Dopp Kit. Designed to keep all those essentials in one place. Need a charger, A pen, Sunglasses, Passports, euros? Well, with this favourite product, they are all in one place, convenient right?


We hope that this traveller type blog has helped you become more self aware to your travel type, therefore helping you find what you need to make your trip even better. If you’re not sure where to go, and fall into the city break category, then check out our blog with some great winter break suggestions. Or get in touch on social media with any queries!

The Guys The Brotique
The Guys The Brotique

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