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July 13, 2016

The Brotique Edinburgh Beardcare | Hudson & Armitage Beard Oil 

Crafted in small batches in Scotland, Hudson and Armitage’s select range of beard oils have gone on to establish themselves as a firm favourite within The Brotique’s beardcare and mens grooming collection.

With five distinct beard oils on offer in The Brotique Queen Street store, there’s a scent for every discerning beardsman whether they’re looking for something citrusy and light or heavier and earthy.

Take for example The Castaway, its rich aroma and blend of coconut and bergamot transports the user to a Robinson Crusoe-esque tropical island paradise and offers a fragrance that is strong, bold and maintains its hold throughout the challenges of the day ahead.

Meanwhile, The Ranger, with its distinct notes of pine and cedarwood takes its olfactory inspiration from the forests and wilderness of Scotland and offers the user a refreshingly woody and natural oil for daily use.

The Pioneer is a relaxing subtle scent focused upon tea tree essential oils and Jasmine for an exotic and floral smell. This oil is a must for anyone who suffers from skin problems from shaving or growing a beard, as the natural tea tree oils work in conjunction with the skin’s natural oils to calm any irritation, dryness or itchiness.

The Patriarchis a strong, rich aroma with auras of frankincense and Juniperberry. It’s a wholly unique aroma that is bold and Its properties are excellent for treating dry and damaged beard hair, rejuvenating and strengthening the hair to create a beard that is full, healthy and well maintained.

Hudson and Armitage have recently produced an exclusive beard oil for The Brotique, The Mariner, with its rich smell of jojoba and subtle hints of lime, let it take you on a journey across the seven seas and leave your beard smelling fresh and vibrant for the voyage ahead.


Expertly crafted, Hudson and Armitage’s range is devoted to offering the best for your beard and your skin, helping to balance out oily skin. Their oils are designed to help any beard or skin related issues from beard itch, to dry skin, Hudson and Armitage will have your beard feeling refreshed and your skin moisturised. Their scents are refreshing, interesting but also not too overpowering. Despite this their longevity is impressive and the oils are designed to last the day whatever the Scottish weather may throw at them.

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