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Mother's Day Gift Ideas from The Brotique Team! 

On the 26th of March, we all need to remind our mum’s how important they are, it’s also vital to remember in the name of self preservation.

After years of looking after and raising you, that disappointed ‘I wasn’t expecting anything anyway’ alongside that killer look, is truly the worst.  

If your mum’s as great as mine is, it can be difficult to find the perfect thing for them, but as a pro gift buyer- I’m here to help you out! Generally, seen as it’s mother’s day, it would be nice to get them something commemorating their amazing job at bringing you up.

The Classic Sibling Photo

A classic cute gift with sentimental value, if done right, it’s possibly the best idea.

So a photo quickly shoved in a frame of the first photo you find of you and your siblings is not what I mean. Take your time, go through the photos and pick out a few. There are some great frames for multiple images, take the time to think where it would fit in with their decor. If it wouldn’t work in their home, or they don’t tend to have things on the walls, then make a photo album.

This Frame from Oliver Bonas is perfect, but their freestanding ones are equally as great if you think that would be more her style.

The Brotique's Blog Edinburgh Mens Store | Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2017


After finding I Love Honey Willow and buying my mum one of their necklaces, I can officially confirm that they’re amazing quality and a much appreciated gift! There are a few different styles, although I went for a necklace, there are plenty of options if you’re mum is more into bracelets. There are a great range of prices, but if you could team up with siblings for an extra special piece then I think it’s be worth it!


If you don’t see your mum as much as you’d like to, why not visit her? Take her out for dinner, to a spa, helicopter ride, bungee jump… the possibilities are endless! As long as you can share the experience with her, then I’m sure it would be much appreciated, and selfishly, you’ll get to spend some quality time with her. 

If money’s a bit tight or your mum needs some things done around the house, then now’s the time to do it. She will definitely appreciate the gesture, put a voucher in her card for your time, whether it’s the living room that needs a new coat of paint or some gardening, help her out! This will be an additional gift for my mum this year, the attic needs a clean up and there’s some wallpaper to go up…

The Traditional Gifts

Everyone loves something new for their house, particularly with Spring coming up. We have some great P.F Candles in store that everyone loves- and an online exclusive P.F Candle bundle (one for you, one for mum...) pair these with some wine and chocolates for a great box of treats. Also, with the warmer season in mind, have a look at Geo Fleur for plants and pots galore with options for indoors as well.

The Brotique Edinburgh | PF Candle Edinburgh Stockist | PF Candle Co. Scotland


Independent Store's to Browse 

If you still aren't sure what to get your mum, have a browse in Life Story, Golden Hare Books or Covet. They are fantastic stores and I'm sure you'll get inspired by their collections of clothing, books, homeware and jewellery. 

Whatever you think your mum would like this year, you know her better than this blog, make sure you buy or book it soon, nobody likes a late gift or a promised trip!


We've got plenty more blogs for you, take a look at out European Sightseeing blog for some inspiration for your summer break! Or take your mum to the cinema to see one of our 6 Top Films Worth a Cinema Visit. 

Siobhan Scott
Siobhan Scott

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