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Famous Moustache Styles in Movies

We're already thinking about our moustaches for this years Movember, and we think you should too!

Here's a round up of The Brotique team's favourite moustached men in film for some inspiration. The best of movie moustaches is a popular topic, so we've jumped on the bandwagon but added in the moustache wax and other mens grooming products you need to achieve these courageous moustache styles. 

8. The Handlebar - Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York

Bill the Butcher, for me, is one of the most sinister characters in film history and one of the greatest handlebar moustaches we’ve ever seen. His iconic performance was award winning and I truly believed him as this character, the moustache added to his persona exponentially, the way he twists it gives me chills. Oh and sidenote, his glorious moustache reign continues in There will be Blood.  

Movie Moustache Blog | The Brotique Edinburgh Blog

Get the look - Captain Fawcett Expedition Strength 


7. The Gunslinger - Ben Stiller in Dodgeball

This hilarious, sleazy and crazy ‘baddie’, for want of a better word, becomes even more ridiculous with the moustache. This full gunslinger with the add on of a soul patch, is not a look we would recommend, but for this dodgeball playing maniac, we absolutely love it. Maybe we could sacrifice our beard in aid of a fantastic halloween costumes…

Moustache in Movie Blog | The Brotique Edinburgh Blog

Get the look - Sanguine Moustache and Beard Trimming Scissors

6. The Heavy Pencil - Clark Gable in Gone with the wind

The iconic gentleman; suave, cool and pristine. He knows how to pull off this risky moustache with serious style and confidence. Teamed up with a slick quiff hairstyle and a clean shave that you just know was a hot shave, done at a classy barbers, with a straight razor- basically he oozes old school class. The product suggestions aren't just for the styling, they're classic brands for the modern gentleman to get you in the zone to pull of this look.

Famous Movie Moustache Blog | The Brotique Edinburgh

Get the look - DOVO best quality Straight Razor

Murdock London Moustache Wax


5. Pencil Variant - George Clooney in O’ brother Where Art Thou

Of all of George Clooney’s parts,Ulysses Everett McGill is my favourite. Not only is this a brilliant film by the incredible Coen Brothers, Clooney leading the team of clumsy criminals on a quest to get back to his family is hilarious and thoughtful. The way the gentlemanly Ulysses is positively obsessed with keeping his hair perfect with his ‘Dapper Dan’ wax is something we admire, and how he keeps that slim moustache looking great through all the strife is really remarkable…

Famous Moustache in Movie Blog | The Brotique Queen Street Blog

Get the look - Suavecito Hair Pomade (the hair is essential to the look)

4. The Jules - Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction

So we know how obvious this one is, but it really would be wrong to miss it out. We don’t know what the technical term is for the facial hair style, so let’s call it the ‘Jules’ in honour of one of Quentin Tarantino’s most iconic characters. Again, if you have a dress up party coming up and you want to fully commit, this could be the one for you.

Samuel L Jackson Moustache in Pulp Fiction | Movie Moustache Guide

Get the look - Bearded Bastard Opium Den Beard Balm 

3. Greaspaint - Groucho Marx in Duck Soup

This witty symbol of comedy at its' best appeared in the famous ‘Duck Soup’ with a greasepaint moustache. It is not something we recommend, but for those of you that can’t grow a glorious upper lip feature then at least you know you’re not alone.

Famous Moustaches in Film | The Brotique Blog | Mens Store Edinburgh

Get the look - or don't. 


2. The 90s - Matt Damon in The Informant

The epitome of mid 90’s style, this style can edge dangerously closely to being terrible. But get it right, and Movember will be a breeze for you. The key thing is, if you can’t grow enough hair for this then don’t try. Everyone’s upper lip fluff is different so pick a style that you can maintain, there’s nothing worse than a lacklustre moustache.  

Famous Moustaches in Film | The Brotique Mens Store Blog

Get the look - Layrite Moustache Comb


1. The Walrus - Sam Elliott in The Big Lebowski

Wise, manly and poignant. Just three words that perfectly describe how important this moustache is to the nameless ‘stranger’ in The Big Lebowski. Even without much screen time in this must watch movie, the silver fox Sam Elliott's moustache makes him very memorable, so he still makes this list for these whiskers that are unlike any other.

The Brotique Edinburgh Moustache Wax | Movie Moustache Styles
Get the look - Bearded Bastard Woodsman Beard Oil 


8. Basically all the men in The Grand Budapest Hotel

How to choose just one moustache in the melody of upper lip visual triumphs? It’s possibly something not everyone spotted when they watched this truly excellent film (a personal favourite), but I certainly did. Here’s a poster from the film, so have a go and play spot the moustaches of all shapes and sizes. 

Moustache Product Blog | The Brotique Mens Store Edinburgh | Movie Moustaches

This image is the best way to round up this blog, and it basically acts as a guide to what you can achieve with some perseverance, a tiny comb and some mo wax.

So with that in mind, here's one final product, the must have for beginners and experienced moustached men, the Bearded Bastard Vanilla Mo Wax. 


Please don't forget to get involved in this years Movember, all the male members of our team will be growing our moustaches in support of this great cause! 

Check out all of our Moustache Products or, if you're looking for a bit of reading about growing in a beard or moustache then take a look at this blog full of tips for growing a beard - most of which apply to growing a moustache! 

Or, get in touch with us on - we'd love to answer any moustache questions you might have! 

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