August 30, 2016

The Brotique team are delighted to introduce Murdock London to our shelves, the latest brand to enter our wide range of mens grooming products. Here's an introduction to their timeless shaving and beard grooming products.

An esteemed staple within the London men's grooming scene, Murdock have established themselves as the destination for the discerning gentleman looking for a classic barber experience within the capital. 

Their ethos is one of refined masculinity and their products are a clear reflection of this, all of which are crafted within their Sussex laboratory. Murdock have drawn inspiration from the scents and grooming regimes of the late Victorian and early Edwardian era. This has lead to their collection of grooming products that successfully straddle the threshold between classic and contemporary, making for a unique and timeless selection of goods.

Established in 2006 by successful restaurateur Brendan Murdock, Murdock are representative of the recent revival of classic barbering, their products are tailored to deliver an exquisite experience at home. Although their knowledge of traditional British barbering is unrivalled, you don't have to be riding your penny farthing wearing tweed or sitting in your drawing room reading The Chap to use Murdock. Their range of products is designed with the modern man in mind, made by barbers specifically for you. 

Murdock himself has travelled far and wide in order to find the ingredients for the brand’s signature scents. The effort put into the products is clearly evident, take for example their signature Avalon scent. Inspired by the jazz scene of the 1920s French Riviera, it’s a clean and refined citrusy scent with top notes of Sicilian Bergamot and Neroli and base notes of musk, lavender and rosemary. It’s a complex yet beautiful scent that is truly unique and successfully conjures days of old.

Murdock firmly believes that success depends upon preparation, and their extensive range of products will leave any man well prepared for their daily ritual, be it shaving or beardcare. Their weekend getaway kit has all the necessities to stay well groomed while you're away, as well as giving you the opportunity to try out a few of their products for a good price. 


Murdock's Mens Shaving Products

Within The Brotique, we currently stock a selection of Murdock’s shaving goods including a shave cream and a post shave balm, both available in their signature Avalon scent. With oils of evening primrose, borage, green tea and medicinal marshmallow, their shave cream offers a shave that is perfect for even those with the most sensitive skin. Meanwhile their post shave balm has essences of chamomile and calendula, perfect for healing the skin and preventing any bleeding from nicks. Be sure too to make use of their Alum Bar, perfect for making sure your skin stays protected after your shave.


Murdock Beard Grooming Products

It’s not only those with cleanly shaved faces that Murdock caters for. On the contrary, Murdock offer an impressive selection of goods for the avid beardsman, ensuring that your facial follicles feel refreshed. Take it from the mouth of the brand’s founder himself, “A beard is not the mask behind which a man hides but the beacon from which he projects himself,” clearly Murdock are passionate about beards. Here at The Brotique, we carry their Beard shampoo and conditioner. Murdock’s beard shampoo is a ph balanced formula that works to remove any environmental pollutants from your beard which simultaneously acts to detangle and prevent frizz.

“A beard is not the mask behind which a man hides but the beacon from which he projects himself.” - Brendan Murdock

Meanwhile their Beard Conditioner is specially formulated in order to soften both the facial hair and the skin underneath, containing wheat protein, it works efficiently to moisturise the hair and increase the beard’s sheen. Not to be forgotten is their Beard moisteuriser, which recently won GQ’s Best New Beard Care product at the GQ Grooming Awards. With this moisturiser, Murdock have created a product that is designed to fulfil the requirements for a beard balm but avoiding any of the greasiness of more conventional balms, with aloe vera, eucalyptus and menthol, it will leave your beard well hydrated and refreshed.

If you’re after beard oil, fear not, for Murdock once again have you covered, with a rich and thick oil that was crafted over a two year period and contains Apricot Kernel Oil, Argan and Jojoba and is sure to reinvigorate and revitalise your beard hair. Coming in a spray bottle it allows for efficient and easy application. Similarly for any moustachioed men out there, their Marvellous moustache wax lives up to its name, formulated from beeswax with notes of Quince and Oakmoss, it’s fragrance is light yet unique and its hold is sure to keep that moustache well maintained.



Murdock have established themselves as the premier mens barbers within London in the short space of only ten years. Be sure not to miss out on this classic mens grooming experience from this fantastic British brand and pick up your Murdock products instore and online at The Brotique today.