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Our Sunday Movie Catch Up Plan

With the Oscar’s bringing up some conversation about the best films of 2016, I started to realise there were quite a few missing from my list. 

So now it’s time to catch up, which is why my next four Sunday’s (yes, there are too many for one binge watch session) will be spent hibernating and viewing must see movies from 2016. The plan is to borrow, buy and netflix this must see movie list, and to stick to the plan.

Each day is planned with a film 'playlist' to make attempt to not mix up genres too much, brain fog might take over by jumping between intense social documentaries and lightsabers. 

I’ll add a few films in that I have seen, just because I might go for a second watch to make sure I didn’t miss anything, but mostly because they're great and everyone should watch them. 

Day 1

Today is all about cinematography and the great outdoors, the tying factor in all four of these movies. There’s a great contrast here, you’ll be watching a combination of well established directors and actors with some of the most exciting emerging ones.

If you’re as lucky as I am to be close to some beautiful walks, then that could be a great break from the screen today! If you’re in Edinburgh, even just a jaunt up Arthur’s Seat during your intermission would work! If you want to walk in style, have a look at these Toms Ashland Boots. 

The Hateful Eight, Quentin Tarantino - available on Amazon Prime. 

Hunt for the Wilderpeople,Taika Waititi - available on Netflix. 

Captain Fantastic, Matt Ross

The Brotique Edinburgh Blog | Must Watch Movies from 2016

Day 2 

A day for more serious subject matter, each one is so different in style and approach to these serious topics, all of which are very different issues. The similarity in these films lies in the educational value and the different approach to documentary filmmaking. 

You’ll finish each of these movies with not only a great film to talk about, but also a new look at the topics addressed. This is a bit of a tough day, but trust me, it's worth it! You might want to consider splitting up these hard hitting films, or at least finishing the day with some quiet time to think about all this new knowledge and perspective.

I, Daniel Blake, Ken Loach

Fire at Sea, Gianfranco Rosi

O.J Made in America,Ezra Edelman

The Brotique Edinburgh | Movie Catch Up Blog | Best Films in 2016


Day 3

A day for sci-fi, dystopia and the impending apocalypse. All three of these movies approach this genre in their individual ways, making it a perfect mix of three movies that really explore all sci-fi has to offer us film lovers. I would recommend starting this night a bit later, there’s something nice about sci-fi when it’s dark outside. Maybe light a couple of P.F Candles during the second film to add to the eerie vibe...

Arrival,Denis Villeneuve 

10 Cloverfield Lane,Dan Trachtenberg

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Gareth Edwards

The Brotique Edinburgh | Movie Catch Up Blog | Best Films in 2016

Day 4

A rather odd mix, but I think it works. It's like that playlist you have of all your favourite songs, for me, the one with edgy artists like Young Fathers and all time favourites by David Bowie with a couple of Radiohead classics, not exactly a carefully curated list but still a great one.

Finishing off with a Coen Brothers comedy with a beer in hand seems like a good fit. Try out Drygate's Ax Man Rye IPA for a spicy beer that goes down a treat! 

Hell or High Water, David Mackenzie

American Honey, Andrea Arnold

Hail, Caesar!, Ethan and Joel Coen

The Brotique Edinburgh | Movie Catch Up Blog | Best Films in 2016

Optional Day 5

I thought it would be good to add in an optional fifth day, or some films you can potentially swap out if there are kids around. In all honesty, I don’t really need to have children to cater to in order to watch these films!

Moana, John Musker & Ron Clements (released on the 3rd April)

Finding Dory, Andrew Stanton & Angus MacLane

The Jungle Book, Jon Favreau

The Brotique Edinburgh | Movie Catch Up Blog | Best Films in 2016


Just to point it out, I’m not trying to discourage going outside for some rare Scottish vitamin D, why not head to a park and take you laptop and some new Toms that are designed for comfort. Take your movie snacks and a picnic blanket, and find yourself a shaded spot. Remember your umbrella, you never know how the skies might change.

I might be a little ambitious in this task, some of these movies are pretty intense and my TV is pretty small. Hopefully, with plenty of breaks, I’ll get through about ten and have a couple to watch during the week!


Take a look at the Essential Cinema Visits blog, an extension of this blog because there were just to many great movies made in 2016.

If day one inspired you to grow a beard, or ask someone to maintain theres, then take a look at our beard collection! 

Siobhan Scott
Siobhan Scott

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