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February 28, 2017

Proposing in Edinburgh - A Guide by Rox

Edinburgh can look very different down on one knee.

It can seem like a whole new city, fresh and exciting, or perhaps it all feels a bit bigger and more daunting. There are few cities that can match Edinburgh though and that’s especially true for a marriage proposal. There's a picturesque scene around every corner, events throughout the year, hidden gems of restaurants and services.

In the village of Edinburgh you'll always find someone excited to help you and the city will always let you find a moment that’s just for you. So the team at Rox have created a wonderful map to help guide you through some of the best the city has to offer. With hand-drawn illustrations and a carefully chosen list of places, you can really feel the effort and thought that went into this list. A team that puts this much craft and care into a map of the city just to help you out, are definitely worth speaking to about the big question.

The Brotique in Rox Guide to Proposing in Edinburgh | Mens Independent Store Edinburgh

As you can imagine we speak to a lot of men preparing to ask the question or preparing for the big day itself. Most guys will get properly scrubbed up to look their best for their wedding day but many forget about it for proposing.

Looking sharp in a tux' is a great feeling but it's probably not when you feel most yourself and when you ask the question you need to feel like the best version of yourself.  Once you've made your plans to propose, whether that’s a co-ordinated dance in the street that will make Momma Mia look understated, skywriting your love across the clouds or simply a beautiful meal together, take time to get yourself ready.

Go the extra mile so you look your best for this moment you'll both remember for ever, and so you feel great in yourself. Knowing you look and feel good will centre you, making you feel confident and it'll be one less thing to think about when you get ready to pop the question.

When it comes to getting ready thoroughly, the trick is to work through the stages. Your face is probably going to be pretty important when you ask so start there. Start with exfoliating by using a face scrub very gently, and follow this up with a small amount of face wash.

If you're going to shave, now is the time to do it ;immediately after getting out of the shower apply a good lather of shave soap to the skin, making sure to really work it up. Most guys reach straight for the razor at this point, but you must let the soap do it's thing for a minute before you start. Once you do, use a fresh blade and make sure you shave in long, smooth strokes in the direction of the grain of your stubble and try not to go over the same area repeatedly. Then you need to reach for a serum to really look after the skin, and then lock it in with a great moisturiser.

If you've got a beard now is the time to apply a good oil, making sure you take the time to work in right down to the skin with either your hands or a comb. Dry your hair by patting it dry or using a gentle heat on the hair dryer and work a product through your hair, starting at the back and working forward. These pointers are just a few ideas and it's important to learn and find out what works best for you.

At The Brotique we're really here to solve problems and help guys either define or refine themselves. So whatever your style, we'll have something for you but if you just want to talk an idea through, find the best barber or ask where in town has the best private dining room - we're here to help. Even on the day of the proposal you can swing by and freshen up in store or just take a few moments and relax with a coffee.

T his is not a time for pressure - it's an important decision and one that need to come from your heart. When you see the right ring, hear the question in your head or plan the perfect moment you'll know it's right. That takes time and some free space. The lounge at Rox gives you these things as well as some reassuring guidance. Have a look through the guide and enjoy what this amazing city has to offer. Whether you're a local resident in Edinburgh or you're planning an escape here, getting down on one knee and asking the big question will mean it's always in your heart.

The Brotique Mens Store Edinburgh | ROX Jewellery Guide to Proposing in Edinburgh

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