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July 22, 2016

The Brotique's Complete Guide to Shoe Care

Shoes maketh the man, so when it comes to your footwear, care and cleaning is essential in order to keep your shoes looking as beautiful as the day you bought them.

Whether you’re wearing them in the boardroom or on the wedding dancefloor, keep those prized shoes of yours in good condition with our guide to looking after your shoes.

In order to keep your shoes looking dapper, be sure to pick up a Kent Shoe Polishing Brush. Founded in 1777, Kent is one of the oldest companies in operation in the United Kingdom and their expert craftsmanship carries on into their products today. This bristle brush, available in black or white, is the perfect size for the traveling man, ensuring that your shoes are looking their best, wherever you are.

In order to combat any unwanted odours from your footwear, be sure to give them a spray of the double strength deodourising spray, Mr Black’s Shoe Refresh. This Ecalyptus scented spray not only masks nasty odours but instead completely eradicates them, destroying the bad bacteria within your shoes and leaving your feet feeling fresh.

Leather, like most natural products needs to be looked after or else it can deteriorate and ware over time. Having just spent your hard-earned cash on a nice pair of brogues or boots be sure to look after them and pick up Mr Black’s leather cleaner. This natural and nourishing cleaner made from biodegradable and non-toxic ingredients will remove any dirt, dust or grime that you pick up throughout your travels and is designed to hydrate and maintain the natural quality of your leather goods. Quite simply a must for protecting your leather shoes.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to damage your shoes is funnily enough by putting them on. It is very easy over time to wear down the backs of your shoes by putting them on incorrectly, damaging the leather around the heel and making them uncomfortable and prone to causing blisters. By using a shoehorn such issues can be easily avoided and your shoes will maintain the hold of the leather and not cause any pain to the wearer.

Here at The Brotique, we stock a wide selection of shoe horns in a variety of styles. For a classic and sophisticated look, choose one of our Abbeyhorn shoe horns. Established in 1749, Abbeyhorn has a long and rich history in producing goods handcrafted from Ox horn. Every product they make is unique in its markings and have a beautiful natural appearance, making for a classic and timeless addition to any wardrobe.

With our extensive selection of shoecare products, we’ll keep your footwear looking great and feeling comfortable, so you’re ready to go about your day and take on the world.

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