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October 11, 2016

The Brotique's Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups 

It's is the day dedicated to reinventing yourself, and this year we are all for team halloween costumes.

It’s great to go out with a big group of people all dressed up, you know for sure you won’t be the only one with a costume (a concern for many halloween party goers) and you’re guaranteed a reaction as well as a fantastic team photo. You will also have to bonus of being able to spot your group in busy bars, don’t underestimate the value of this!

An important thing to remember with any team costume idea, is that everyone needs to look good solo. For example, going as the ‘The Bride’ (Uma Thurman’s) kill list characters seems like a good idea, but if seperated you’ll just be a guy in a suit or a woman with an eye patch.

If you’re as up for this idea as we are, check out our top eight costume ideas for groups of four and up.

1. Reservoir Dogs 

The Brotique Edinburgh | Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups | Halloween Costumes for Men

An excuse to wear a suit and tie, and if you get separated into twos the you’re a blus brother or the men in black. Simple yet effective. Don’t fight to hard over who gets to be Mr Pink, remember his character requires more effort…

2. Ghostbusters 

The Brotique Edinburgh Blog | Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups | Halloween Costume 2016

A classic, how could we miss it out? This costume is quick and easy, because you can  buy the entire kit ready to go from amazon- just make sure you all get the same version!

3. Grand Budapest Hotel Concierges 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Men 2016 | The Brotique Edinburgh | Halloween Costumes for Groups

A team of guys with funny suits and all with moustaches, start yours now so you don’t have to use a dodgy fake one. This one’s a bit different and requires a little bit more explanation, but we think it’s worth it! Have a look at our movie moustache blog to get some inspiration, pretty much all of them appear in this film!

4. Peaky Blinders 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys | The Brotique Mens Store | Costume ideas for groups

It really doesn’t get much cooler than this team, and we know that we’d love an excuse to wear all this kit. This one works for a group of three or a group of thirty and is possibly our favourite idea. The main thing you need for this is a flat cap, so take a look at this  Brixton Hooligan Snap Cap.

5. Toy Story Soldiers 

The Brotique Queen Street | Halloween Costumes for Groups | Mens Store Edinburgh

This one requires full commitment, half doing it just won’t cut it. Get the body paint on and trust us, it will look so effective. A great thing about this is that the number of people who join in is infinite, and the more of you there are the better it will look.

6. Dodgeball Teams

The Brotique Edinburgh | Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge. Advice to live by we think. There’s two teams, so you could just do one or if there are a few of you do both and have a dance off.  

7. The Breakfast Club 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups | The Brotique Queen Street Blog

A classic and iconic group of teenagers. Stick together to make sure the team costume gives its’ full effect.


8. Inglorious Basterds 

The Brotique Edinburgh | Group Halloween Costumes for Men

Seen as we started with the iconic Tarantino, here's another one! Lt. Aldo Reine - "You probably heard we ain't in the prisoner-takin' business; we in the killin' Nazi business. And cousin, business is a-boomin'" If you get to be Aldo, and don't say this quote, it would be a travesty. If there are any ladies in your group or men who are up for being the most badass character in the movie, then Shosanna Dreyfus is definitely for you! 


So don't go solo this year, get your team together and do halloween in style. Go big or go home! We've got another halloween blog coming up that addresses some of those big awkward costume questions so keep an eye out for that! 

For now, check out our Treat Yourself Blog  especially if you're not planning on spending a fortune on halloween! 


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