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September 29, 2016

The Brotique team's must buys for men this weekend! 

It's been a long month, and we think it's time you take advice from Parks & Rec and treat yo'self! Here's ten things we know that you'll want, but maybe don't desperately need... 


Hudson & Armitage Barber Size

So if you have a beard, you do need beard oil, but this one is luxury and it will last you for ages- so it’s definitely a justifiable purchase!


Dovo Special Faux Tortoisehell Open Razor

Technically you could use a cheap gillette, but we know you want this one for a smoother face (and it will look better in your bathroom…)


Jarre Aerobull HD (Bromeo)

Our store mascot that provides the fantastic sounding music in our Queen Street space, it's pricey but 100% worth every penny.


Phantom Limited Edition Brown Timepiece

With technology taking over, we don’t really need to wear a watch anymore but when they look this good, we want to.


Oopsmark Bike Wine Rack

Even if you are the occasional cyclist, just having this ups your hipster game in a big way.


PF Candle 

A bestseller for us, these candles are extra special and are currently 3 for £45! The campfire one is great for autumn, giving you a sense of the outdoors (without actually having to go out in the cold.)


Toms Chukka Boots

These are the most justifiable purchase of all, they're a great pair of shoes and for every pair you buy, Toms will give a pair to a child who would otherwise go without shoes. 


India by Steve McCurry- Signed Copy

A stunning book to make your book shelf full of Harry Potter (because the last book you bought was in 2004) a lot more classy.


Wilde & Harte Osterly Badger Hair Brush

A luxurious shave is not complete without a silver tip badger brush with a heavy handle, every gentleman knows that.


Furious Goose Silk Pocket Square 

An accessory to add to an other wise boring outfit, in fact, this stunning print makes everything else look boring by comparison. It's a stunning piece for autumn that will make you stand out. 


We know these aren't things you would necessarily buy everyday, but this is treat yourself weekend! Any of these would also make fantastic gifts for men with autumn birthdays. Here's out Autumn Collection to give you a few more ideas! 

Check out our blog about our favourite bars in Edinburgh to take treat yourself weekend to another level or our latest Movie Moustache blog if you're planning on taking part in Movember... 

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