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The Brotique Guide to a Wet Shave 

Shaving. An often overlooked practice, is a staple in millions of mens daily routine to keep them looking fresh faced.

Studies show that the average man spends a total of 85 days shaving, a staggering statistic which shows just how much time we devote to dealing with our facial hair.

What are the advantages of a traditional wet shave you may ask? The answer is there are many. Whilst offering a closer shave, a traditional wet shave can also offer numerous benefits to the skin such as reducing irritation and razor burn and even preventing ingrown hairs.


A Traditional Shave

Using straight or double edged safety razor is also an extremely relaxing experience and in many ways a ritual. The combination of a delightfully scented artisan shaving soap, a beautiful sharp razor and the shock of a sharp aftershave can turn a previously laborious early morning task into a process that leaves you feeling relaxed, looking sharp refreshed and ready to start the day.

In addition to this a wet shave can also work out better for you financially. Abandon the endless cartridge refills that cost a small fortune every few weeks and electric shaving razors that become rapidly outdated. Instead, by swapping over to a straight razor or safety razor, you’ll be purchasing a timeless piece of shaving technology that (if treated well) can literally last you a lifetime.

DOVO Straight Razor 

Founded in 1906 in Westphalia, DOVO have been using the finest steelcraft skills in order to bring the user quality razors and perfect shaves for over a century. Here at The Brotique we offer a range of high quality, beautiful razors from DOVO including the DOVO Best Quality Black Celluloid Open Razor, a 5/ 8” stainless stell razor with a half hollow ground etched blade and a sturdy black resin handle. Alternatively if you’re looking for a razor with a little more vibrancy in its design, look no further than the DOVO Mother of Pearl Open Razor, featuring elegant gold etching and a faux mother of pearl handle, bringing some style and sophistication to your shave.

In order to keep that straight razor sharp and well maintained a strop is an essential purchase. Thankfully we have the perfect offering from Men Rock, this leather strop is the perfect tool for sharpening and honing your straight razors. Crafted from leather and with a clasp to attach the strop for ease of sharpening, it will ensure you always have the sharpest shave.

Merkur & Muhle

If the open blade of a straight razor may seem a tad intimidating, fear not, for we also stock a selection of DE safety razors from esteemed brands Merkur, a subsidary of DOVO and Muhle, hailing from the picturesque Erz Mountains in Germany.

With regards to our Merkur range, the 34C Chrome Heavy Duty Safety Razor is a closed comb, long screw mounting double edge blade razor, whilst the 34 G Gold Safety Razor is its gold plated equivalent adding a touch of pizazz to your daily shave.

Muhle offers their classic R89, a classically stylish and fine engineered razor that offers a slightly heavier option, it is available in chrome and rose gold. In addition to this Muhle also offers the ‘Twist Cap’ R89 with a mechanism that allows for easy insertion of blades, a perfect for beginners to wet shaving.

If you’re after a more modern look, opt for the Merkur Futur Matt Chrome Safety Razor, with a smooth sleek finish and a weightier razor it allows for a firm grip throughout your shave. Alternatively take an old school approach with the Merkur 42c Nickel Safety Razor with its ridged hexagonal handle and polished chrome finish, it’s the perfect addition to any bathroom sink.

Shaving Soap

For that newly prized razor, you’re going to need a high quality shaving soap, brush and bowl in order to achieve that perfect lather for your shave. Luckily, here at The Brotique we stock a wide range of shaving accessories in order to achieve the closest shave possible.

When it comes to shaving creams and soaps, The Blind Barber’s Wild Watermint Gin Shave Cream offers healing juniper berry with notes of mint that serve as a natural anti-septic. Alternatively, Scaramouche and Fandango’s Shave Cream, which is enriched with Chronodyn, a chronobiological cell energizer that tones and firms the skin and fights against signs of fatigue, is an excellent option for your wet shave.

Our Kent shaving bowl and soap combination is a classic addition to any bathroom, packaged in a beautiful dark oak bowl this soap has a classic fragrance focusing upon lavender, pine and clove with subtle hints of sandlewood and vanilla.

Portland’s soap, which is made in Dorset in small batches, makes use of the natural properties of seaweed creates an anti-irritant and offers anti-oxidising properties that will leave your face feeling rejuvenated.

When it comes to creating that luxurious lather, you’ll need a brush in order to both mix the lather and apply it to your face. We have a selection of brushes from Kent, Muhle and Wilde & Harte.

The self-described Rolls Royce of shaving brushes, the Kent Large Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush is a luxurious affair with its pure silver tip badger hair being the highest grade badger hair available. Kent also offers a medium sized badger shaving brush with a horn handle, perfect for those looking for a timeless victorian-esque finish.

Made in Britain, Wilde and Harte bring a touch of elegance and unique design with their selection of brushes, ensuring you’ll have a brush that stands the test of time.

Our travel brushes from Kent and Muhle are ideal for those on the go and keen to have a good shave wherever they may be, designed to protect your brush and compact enough to be stored in any wash bag.

Murdock London

Also on offer is a range of products that we have recently received from esteemed barbers, Murdock London. Their shaving cream is available in their signature Avalon scent, a mediterranean inspired scent it is light, citrusy and perfect for a refreshing and relaxing shave.

Make sure to clean any cuts or irritations with their alum block which stops bleeding and works as an antiseptic to keep your face protected whilst shaving, this is an absolute essential within your daily shave routine. For an additional soothing post shave ritual make use of Murdock’s Post Shave balm, created with extracts of chamomile and calendula it is clinically designed to help heal the skin and soothe any sore spots after your shave.

Shaving need not be a chore and a bore.

As thousands of men the world over are discovering, the old techniques of shaving often prove to be the more efficient, the more relaxing and ultimately the cheaper alternatives to the modern multi-blade system. So shun your electric shaver, give up your Gillette cartridges and shave like your grandfather used to, wet shaving is back.

The Guys The Brotique
The Guys The Brotique

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