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A guide to being better at mornings 

It’s not just breakfast that’s important in the morning, getting yourself mentally ready for the day ahead is equally as important!

Even if you don’t see yourself as a morning person, make an effort to give yourself at least an hour to get ready for the day before you venture out.

There’s nothing worse than an article by someone who gets up at 5am every morning, prepares a vegan breakfast with green coloured smoothie and runs 10k with attached sunrise selfie, so know that this article is not by that person. We’re not here to make you feel bad about your morning routine, we just want to pass on some knowledge from one morning person convert to, hopefully, another.

The Dreaded Alarm

First of all, don’t be silly with the time you set. If you rarely manage to open your eyes before 7am, then why set it for 6.30am without changing the time you go to bed? Be realistic with your wake up call, disturbing your sleep will just get you into the snooze button cycle.

Hitting that snooze button is so tempting, so just give in once if you really have to, then force yourself up after that extra five minutes. We all know how easy it can become twenty. Repeatedly choosing to have an extra few minutes is not great for your brain, and will actually make you more tired.

So have a think- what is it that puts you off getting up? If it’s the cold, programme your heating to come on an hour before you have to get up or if it’s because you’re still exhausted, get yourself to bed earlier!


The Brotique Lifestyle Blog | Edinburgh Mens Store | Breakfast

The most important meal of the day, we know it’s a cliche, but it’s also a fact! It’s all about those oats, eggs and antioxidants.

To save yourself some time in the morning, make some granola at the start of the week, there are plenty of recipes online to pick from. I recommend putting some chia seeds, goji berries, pumpkin seeds and using almond milk or greek yoghurt with it.

If you fancy some eggs cooked in a different way, try this Jamie Oliver recipe. If you want some carbs, then opt for fresh brown bread (yes, with seeds!) or a sourdough, with some crunchy peanut butter, banana and honey.

Also, there is a bit of a debate on whether coffee is good for you or not, but we are positive that it is! As long as you’re buying ground fairtrade coffee for a french press, then it’s perfectly fine to get some caffeine in your system.

If you’re in Edinburgh, then we would recommend Hula Juice Cafe for a smoothie and a Macca Nana Bowl, or pretty much anything else on the breakfast menu! It’s all delicious and healthy. If you’re up in Aberdeen, then get yourself along to Foodstory for an excellent vegan breakfast. We don’t know of many places elsewhere, but would love to see your suggestions.


Read the Latest News

While you enjoy that great breakfast, get yourself up to date with what’s going on in the world. With smartphones, there really no excuse for not knowing what’s happening. Not only will this get your mind going, it will also make sure that you don’t have the awkward moment at work when something big has happened and you have no clue what they’re talking about.

Customise your news feed to your own interests, and never trust facebook click-bait and re-posts with sensationalist headlines to get your news. Go straight to the more reliable sources and read a few different ones to get rid of potential bias to make sure your opinion is informed.


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I don’t mean get up at 5am for a run or dead lifts, it’s all about stretching when you first wake up.

It’s all about the yoga, get rid of those connotations of femininity, yoga is great for your muscles, flexibility, wellbeing and fitness- and it’s for everyone! It’s best to go along to a class a couple of times before doing it from home, as it is easy to over stretch or do the poses slightly wrong and therefore, entirely changing the workout.

Starting the day with a stretch and a couple of sun salutations really sets you up for the day.Go along to Tribe Yoga to get started, the teachers are great and they’ll help you get used to the movements.

Cycling to work is another great way to get some cardio done in the morning. While helping the environment and refreshing you before starting your work day, without sounding a bit much like your parent, wear a helmet and make sure you have lights for getting home in the dark.

Grooming & Dressing

There is of course the obvious, quick shower and hair styling. We suggest taking this routine a little further to take care of your skin or beard before you venture out.

The best time to use beard oil is when you’re fresh out the shower, have a look at our Winter Beardcare Guide for some more information. For your skin, try to ensure you wash it in cooler water, the hot water in your shower isn’t great for your skin.

Most importantly, moisturise! A quick spray of some Gruhme will keep you smelling great all day, and having a comb in your pocket with a mini Layrite if you’re cycling to work will allow you to freshen up your hair.

If you have admitted to yourself, like I have, that mornings’ are not your thing then try setting out clothes the night before. Then, if you wake up with more time, you can change things up but if you’re running late you can just put on the outfit you laid out the night before. These Toms are great for a smart, comfortable look for the day ahead.

At Work

The Brotique Mens Lifestyle Blog | Morning Routine Blog Edinburgh

Without venturing to far into the world of inspirational quotes, here’s one that I think is great. This wisdom is from Miles Davis - “I'm always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning... Every day I find something creative to do with my life.”

Even if your job isn’t typically creative, try and find something in it that allows you to be more creative. Whether it’s making a new system to make communication easier or designing something that’s outside your comfort zone, the morning is the best time to use your creative side.

If you’re not a morning person but you can manage to gather the motivation to use all these tips, please tell us how! We promise that 60% of the time this morning guide works everytime, so give it a go.

Take a look at our blog that takes you on a tour of our favourite Coffee Stops in Edinburgh for your days off! 

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Siobhan Scott
Siobhan Scott

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