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September 09, 2017

Introducing two new destinations for men

Since 2013, The Brotique has traded in products which men use everyday. It's been quite a journey, over the last four years we've learned what is most important to us: helping our customers to make the right decision. 
Our Edinburgh store, on 39 Queen Street, has become the launch pad for a new venture of ours - Quarters. Quarters is the culmination of everything we've learned about our customers over the years. It is a destination where men come to find life's essentials - a direct response to a world of choice anxiety, hard-sell, and white noise. 
But The Brotique will also grow, as the store embarks on it's next chapter as a leading authority on men's grooming - reaching a global audience as a digital-first store. 

Quarters is...

Quarters is about clarity. We believe that life's essentials are timeless. Ours is a generation fixated on the new, but the truth is that craftsmanship that has been honed over time holds much greater value. Quarters makes its own definitive range of essential grooming products, apparel and accessories for life. It also carries a seasonal collection of products with a proven heritage and a rootedness is craft. 
Quarters is now open at 39 Queen Street, and its digital store is coming soon.

...which means the Brotique is...

The Brotique is about expertise. The new digital store will continue to carry an ever expanding range of men's grooming products, from old favourites to new arrivals. 
This is a journey for us - our Edinburgh store is still in transition, but we want to keep you up to date as Quarters and The Brotique really come into their own. You can subscribe below to hear our news. 

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