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After the success of The Brotique team halloween costume ideas, we thought it was a good time to do a follow up article with some more halloween costume ideas! 

We know you just have a few days to get sorted with a costume, so these ideas are quick and easy costume ideas.

It’s that time of year again, and with halloween coming up fast, it’s time to avoid the queues outside joke shops that scream costume desperation. Here you will find sanctuary, a blog that answers those halloween FAQ’s and internal concerns, while also giving you some great costume ideas from some of our favourite films and TV shows. 


Will anyone else dress up?

The answer is usually yes, but if you are truly concerned then try a costume that can easily be adjusted to look pretty much normal. The risk with this is that everyone else has went all out, and you’re sitting with a stripey t-shirt and wooly hat with claims of being Wally.

Ron Swanson, an icon amongst men, without being laddy. If you already have a bit of a moustache, and the ability to grow facial hair fast then you could commit to the moustache (you might need some mo' products), but if you want an easy out then pick up a stick on tache. If you are after a couples costume, although a much fuller commitment is essential, your partner could go as Tammy Swanson, who is also Nick Offerman’s real life wife. Oh, and remember, if you’re going solo then the red t-shirt, chirpy morning after Ron Swanson is the best one. 

Halloween Costumes for Men 2016 | The Brotique Mens Blog

Style that hair do with some layrite super hold to make sure it stays in place- it's a vital part of the overall look! You'll definitely use it post halloween anyway. 


I want to go full reinvention, but what if nobody else goes all out?

This is simple, who cares? Have a whiskey before you head out, and ask around your friends, see what they’re doing and shame them relentlessly if they’re being boring. You could also talk someone into being the princess Fiona to your shrek, or a co smurf, then at least you won’t be alone in your full commitment costume.

Here’s an idea if you are prepared to completely re-invent yourself (afterall, that’s what halloween is for…) If you are going all out body paint, then for something a bit different you could go as a black and white film character, like John Wayne. Look up one of the many you tube tutorials to make sure you get the face paint just right.

John Wayne | Halloween Mens Costume 2016 | The Brotique Edinburgh Blog


I have a great idea, but am concerned that nobody will know who I am?

This is a difficult one, if it really is too niche or a difficult one to pull off, then probably change to something else. On the other hand, you might find your soulmate in that crowded halloween party- the one person who understands your obscure costume, how romantic.

Here’s an example of a really niche costume, that only true Tarantino fans would spot, we won’t tell you, because if you don’t know then you shouldn’t dress up as him.

Halloween Costume Ideas for men 2016 | The Brotique Queen Street


I want my costume to be on point, witty and unique but not too hipster?

So this is the hardest one of all, there’s nothing worse than trying to be the person who has thought of the most incredible costume ever. If you’re not willing to put in the time and effort then you probably won’t win this game. Those lucky ones with original, funny or very relevant ideas, tend to always do better, it’s effortless for them, so don’t beat yourself up about it. We suggest you just pick a great reference, and go for it!


My kid is insisting I dress up, and I can’t let down that little face, minimum effort child friendly costume?

Go as something inspirational, and don’t hold back! They’ll only be excited like this for a few years, and in a few years they will beg you not to dress up, as it would be incredibly embarrassing, so make the most of it! For a truly impressive reaction, pick their favourite superhero or character. Alternatively, go super cute parent and child costumes, if they’re Batman then you’re Robin. Finally, going as something with a twist is always great, like a fairy princess who is also a doctor (like Pam in the office) or a superhero with the alter ego of a human rights lawyer, you know, stuff like that.

Here’s one that pays homage to the late great Gene Wilder and one of his most iconic roles as Willy Wonka. The kids could go as the munchkins, such an adorable photo opportunity!

Halloween Costumes Ideas 2016 | Edinburgh Mens Store


My partner/ long term best pal and I want to do a couples costume, but we’re not the cute type, any ideas?

There’s a difficult balance, but there are a few success stories! So many people get couples costumes so so wrong, but here are two suggestions that could work! Jon Snow could also work as a solo costume- you’ll need a wig, black fur jacket and a sword (a wolf would be great but no pressure) if you get this right, this costume is a full proof way to impress. Secondly, Zoolander and Hansel would be pretty hilarious, maybe a little easier to source the costume too! 

Halloween Couples Costume Ideas 2016 | Edinburgh halloween blog | The Brotique

That stubble is looking good, and although the character wouldn't have had it- we bet the actor would want this to keep that stubble looking great. 


Halloween Costume Ideas 2016 | The Brotique Queen Street Mens Store

A big part of this one is good skin, you might have to crack out some make up. But if you need an excuse to treat yourself to some new skincare anyway, the go for this!


Team costumes always look great, but what to do?

We love a team costume! It’s always great to dress up in a group, especially if you’re concerned about being the only one sporting an alter ego. We like group costumes so much, that we wrote a blog all about them, so check out ourteam halloween article.Here’s a snippet of one of the great group costume ideas we've come up with. 

Halloween Group Costumes | The Brotique Mens Store Edinburgh


If you have any more halloween related queries then get in touch with us on twitter! We’d be happy to share some more halloween inspired ideas with you. Meanwhile, why not check out our pay day treat blog to get some ideas for Friday!

The Guys The Brotique
The Guys The Brotique

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