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Things to do in Edinburgh when it rains! 

Being Scottish, I have come to terms with the fact that the weather is changeable, we're obsessed with weather for a reason- and that is the dreaded windy rain combination. You may need to escape it at a moments notice, don't let blue skies fool you! 

Here's our guide to indoor activities in Edinburgh for the next few weeks, as rain is on the forecast...


1. Cameo Cinema - Captain Fantastic

So after just recently seeing this film, I have so far recommended it to around ten people. It’s an absolute must see, and on a rainy afternoon seeing a film feels like a real treat, especially if you head to the Cameo and grab yourself a beer before you sit on the most comfortable cinema seats ever to enjoy this emotional rollercoaster. It’s heartwarming, tragic, uplifting, funny and incredibly strange, in a perfect balance that is as entertaining as it is fascinating. Trust me, I’m still listening to the music that seamlessly runs alongside the cinematography, theme and dialogue.


2. Fruitmarket Gallery -Damián Ortega till 23rd October 

Even if contemporary art isn’t usually your thing, this exhibition will definitely give you something to think on.Damián Ortega is a Mexican artist who, in this specific exhibition, focuses on the natural world and how nature has shaped itself from rocks to riverbeds, but also how intervention of nature’s course by mankind has played a part on the state of our surroundings. Even if the conceptual value of the work is not of interest to you, the aesthetic and skill value of these clay sculptures will surely impress. With a great selection of publications and a cafe by Edinburgh’s own MILK cafe, you will easily spend a few hours at the Fruitmaket.


3. Summerhall - Edinburgh Coffee Festival 1st October

After a successful run last year, Edinburgh Coffee Festival is returning to Summerhall. Featuring a hand-picked selection of the finest artisan coffee roasters, this is a must go to for the coffee connoisseur. Even if you don’t know a lot about coffee and don’t consider yourself a coffee snob, we would still definitely recommend this fun event that also has speciality tea stalls, demonstrations, tastings and great coffee equipment  to give a try. Summerhall is a great arts hub in Edinburgh, so it’s worth a visit either way. Even if you can’t manage the 1st of October, going along before the 30th September to see the Joseph Beuys and Laure Prouvost exhibitions before enjoying a Pickering’s gin and tonic is another great way to spend a couple of hours.


4. Edinburgh Playhouse - Sunny Afternoon

Edit - Don't despair if you missed it this time around, check out their dates coming up in Glasgow! If you’re a fan of The Kinks, then you absolutely have to book to see this musical dedicated to the iconic and massively influential band of the 1960s. And if you're not, then get yourself on Spotify for a listen, because you should be. As a personal fan of The Kinks and the progressive nature of their sound, being educated for a couple of hours on their rise to fame was a real treat. Learning how they founded that unique sound that is still being appropriated by bands to this day, without the use of the not so reliable wikipedia, was truly fascinating. Even if you don’t know much about the band, I’m sure you will enjoy this incredibly fun award winning musical. 

5. Go For Brunch at The Roseleaf, Urban Angel or Leo’s Beanery

If you just can’t really be bothered doing anything other than eating and sitting with a good book, or for those worker bees a laptop, then get yourself out for brunch. In my opinion, this wonderfully luxurious combination of meals is a weekly essential to unwind and enjoy the justified early-mid afternoon feast. Having a day off during the week is the greatest time to head to Urban Angel, The Roseleaf or Leo’s Beanery for some fantastic breakfast food with a twist. Heading to brunch alone is so empowering, but having a good book is the best way to do it. The whole point of this meal is the luxury of it, so put your phone on airplane mode and pick up a book. Try ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’ by Milan Kundera for a thoughtful classic, ‘Wake Up’ by Jack Kerouac for some inspiration or ‘Thepsychopath Test’ by Jon Ronson for a hilariously educational read.


6. Come visit The Brotique on Queen Street!

The Brotique Mens Store Edinburgh | Beard Oil | Mens Grooming Products

If you are looking to unwind and do some shopping, then make your first stop The Brotique. Our men’s store is right in the center of Edinburgh’s New Town, a great central spot to start your retail therapy or unwind towards the end of a day of spending. We can offer thrilling conversation, fantastic products for men (and some that women love as well, we have a lot of beard oil, but other great stuff too) and, most importantly, a snez located right in front of a chesterfield sofa. Our staff can talk you through our products, advise you on your grooming regime or men’s gift buying journey and point you towards the best spots to shop, get a haircut or have a drink in Edinburgh.


7. Maybe just Stay at Home

Netflix is your friend, sometimes you don’t have to resist it. Everyone I have met who’s watched Stranger Things have unanimously said it’s an absolute must watch. With visual and narrative inspiration coming from sci-fi classics and a soundtrack and style that pays homage 80’s pop culture, it culminates a binge watchable series full of tension, suspense and amazingly relatable characters (with one or two obvious exceptions of course.) So, grab yourself enough snacks and drinks to last a few hours because you may not be able to tear yourself away.

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Siobhan Scott
Siobhan Scott

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