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July 11, 2016

The Brotique Edinburgh's Interior Tips

If any of you have visited us in store on Queen Street you’ll of noticed that we update the store layout pretty regularly, which is easier for us considering the range of items we have to kit out our space.

If you’re wanting to achieve a similar look, or just looking for inspiration on your renovation then here’s a list of things that might suit


We occasionally put our French Bulldog, Bromeo, in the window but recently moved him as we were less than impressed by how few people would ask “how much is that doggy in the window” (it was two). We’ve had a huge amount of interest in our unofficial mascot, who as well as being a cutey, is actually a bluetooth speaker who packs a serious punch. The Aerobull is available in a choice of three colours; matte black and either glossy red or white, any of which would make a great edition to your home or kennel.

PF Candle Co

PF Candle | The Brotique Queen Street Interior Design | The Brotique Blog

Its great if your house looks the part, but have you done your utmost to make sure that it smells as nice as well. The PF Candle range is by far one of our most popular products in store, and one of our favourites as well. These soy based candles are able to hold a more depthy scent than their beeswax counterparts and have a variety of seasonal scents to choose from. From teakwood and tobacco for those drawn in wintry nights, or Sweet Grapefruit for those balmy summer nights you’re sure to find a scent to match your space.

Revo Superconnect

We’ve covered the look, and the scent but atmosphere is at least 20% music. Our Revo range are british made radios which do so much more than you could imagine. As well as DAB functionality they are also bluetooth accessible so can connect to a variety of devices (including the aerobull). What we like most about the REVO’s is the fact that they can talk to each other, as well as other devices, which means that you can have a consistent soundtrack throughout your home. Available in a range of colours, sizes and styles we’re sure we’ll have something to suit your home.

String Shelving 

String Shelving Edinburgh | The Brotique Blog

As we move everything quite often, we felt it was important to have storage that matches our numerous and fleeting changes of design. The String Shelving Range is built with modular ideas in mind and they offer a range of pieces to suit your needs. We’ve opted for the most storage appropriate choices, but have also seen examples of desks, cabinets and panels that would hopefully meet your needs, whatever they may be. With six different woods to choose from it's easy to match colours and styles with your home. All String pieces are made to order, so if you are interested make sure and pop in to see us so we can walk you through it.


For some more inspiration on re-decorating or sticking to a theme for your home, have look at these books. 

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