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The Brotique's Top 5 Beard Oils for Spring! 

Any experienced bearded man knows how important a good beard oil is, and with Spring finally here, what better time is there to change it up?

With the weather is finally getting warmer, and the days longer, now’s the time to freshen up your beard oil to something citrusy and fresh. As we have mentioned in the past, the climate has an affect on your beard, so you might find your beard and skin needs something new.

From beard oil scent to the essential oil blend, we have a few ideas for you based on both scent and your beard issues and woes. Think of your beard like your wardrobe, do you need your thermals in Spring? If the answer is no, then think of your beard like your wardrobe, it’s needs are different now. 

Old Faithful- Oriental Citrus £27

An oil that combines a great full bodied scent, fresh and citrus with hints of oriental spice. Bursting with rich frankincense, fresh lemongrass and ginger rounded off by the warming scent of Ylang Ylang.

This is possibly our favourite scent for Spring, and with it’s base of Jojoba Oil, it will balance out your skin’s natural oils while it adjusts to the change in climate. This oil is particularly good if your skin is still a bit dry, the argan oil will deeply moisturise without leaving your beard feeling greasy. 

Gentleman’s Chuckaboo- The Bludger £18

The bludger hosts a unique blend of scents that combine to make a fresh, warm aroma with a sweetness coming through. The lemongrass mixed with cypress oil is perfect for those who like a masculine scent, but want to freshen it up a bit for the warmer months.

Being 100% natural and free from chemicals, sythetics and plastic, it is perfect for sensitive skin that needs a bit of moisture without irritatating your skin. 

Bearded Bastard - Barbershop £25

If you want to keep a warm and rich scent, then the Barbershop beard oil will achieve this while also helping your beard get ready for the season. The notes of lavender and eucalyptus, combined with vanilla and tobacco, makes for a complex scent. The tea tree and safflower oils will combat spots and ingrown hairs on the skin under your beard, a common issue for men during the warmer weather. 

This oil is great if you plan to be out all day, the scent will last as will the protection the oil combination provides for your beard. 



Hudson & Armitage - the Mariner £25

Another oil that will leave your skin feeling moisturised without the greasy after effect, a common issue with tougher base oils on normal skin. The Sweet Almond Oil is the perfect base for a Spring beard. Lime and Cedarwood scent this oil, and adds to the vitamins and antioxidants in this oil to help your beard through the changes that the climate brings for the skin and hair folicles. 

As a brand, Hudson & Armitage are experts in small batch craft oils, each one hand is poured and specially formulated with all natural ingredients. Take a look at the Introduction to Hudson & Armitage Blog for more information about each of their scents, and what they do for your skin and beard. 

Draper & Dow- Signature Beard Oil £25

This oil is perfect for the man on the go, it can get warm under that beard, and this oil will keep it feeling fresh. It is lightly scented, with a fresh citrusy scent that will last the day. These oils are all natural, and great for any guys with sensitive skin or hairs that are prone to dryness. The base oil in this particular one is coconut, which is well known for being the cure to many skin issues. 

We recommend this oil for guys with beards who enjoy the great outdoors, the aluminium vessel is perfect for a backpack (no fears of the bottle smashing…) 

We know about beard oils at The Brotique, and these top five Spring favourites have all been carefully selected to combat the most common issues of the season as well as freshening up the scent! 

If you’re after something else from another great craft beard oil maker, like Braw Beard Oils, then check out the full Beard Oil Collection here!

The Guys The Brotique
The Guys The Brotique

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