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The Brotique Men's Winter Style Tips

There’s a chill in the air, and the festivities are coming around fast. The Brotique's Edinburgh based team think it’s time for a wardrobe and wash bag overhaul.

It’s time to put those denim jackets away and get your fur lined coat out and ready for the cold. We’re going to guide you through men's winter style from beard to shoe, from days spent christmas shopping to office parties.

First thing’s first, we all know that this is the season of the dreaded ‘smart casual’ dress code. Whether it’s because you are going out for a full day, from morning coffee to late night cocktails or you’re heading out straight from work, versatile outfits are essential this season.


Look after your hair and skin 

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Get yourself a wool hat to start with, keeping your head warm is vital. Brixton do some great beanies, and even if you don’t think you suit a hat, when that cold is biting your face and head you’ll want one. If you’re worried about hat hair, pick up a miniature layrite cement hold with a pocket comb so you can fix it up for the evening.

For your face, the harsh winter can be a disaster on your skin. Although some might not consider skincare a style tip, when your face is dry and flakey it’s not great for your overall winter look.

The cold (and the increase in use of central heating) can dry out your skin and make it feel tight, so a good moisturiser is absolutely essential. If you are into snowsports or hiking in the great outdoors, then make sure you get one with an SPF, the winter sun can still damage your skin. If you have a beard, it’s time to change it up to one with a more protective, moisturising quality and warming scent. Try Ricki Hall's Booze & Baccy. 

Due to the weather, it’s likely that you’ll have to apply moisturiser and oil more often than usual. If your skin is particularly dry, then try getting a balm for your beard and an exfoliator for your face to use at night before layering on the moisturiser.

There’s nothing worse than dry, cracking lips- it’s sore and really unattractive. Your lips are the thinnest skin on your body, and they need more moisture and protection that the rest of your skin. Invest in a lip balm, we recommend Carmex, it’s a classic for a reason!

Last but not least, if you have an issue with panda eyes or bags under your eyes, then get yourself an eye cream or gel. It’s great to warn off wrinkles and to freshen you up the morning after a festive night.


Layer Up!

The Brotique Mens Store Edinburgh | Winter Mens Style Tips

It’s all about layers, trust us, we’re Scottish. Luckily for us layering up is in keeping with trends this season, the optimum layering number is four, five at a push or if you’re up for a vest…

If you've got a particularly busy day of christmas shopping, or your workplace has questionable heating, we would recommend a t-shirt, wool shirt, hoodie and carport jacket for a daytime look. If you need to change up the look for an evening out then button up the shirt and leave the hoodie at work for the evening festivities. Alternatively, for the smart casual vibe, go for a smart wool or flannel shirtwith knitted jumper and leather jacket.

It’s more difficult to layer up on your lower half, but there’s no shame in keeping your cycling leggings on under your jeans if you’re really feeling the breeze! A thick pair of dark grey chinos look great for day to night look, and they're a welcome change from the jeans you'll wear so often for the season. 

To accessorise, along with your hat, pick yourself up a great scarf. They're perfect for days out shopping, as they're easy to take off when your in and out of heated buildings. Burgundy is one of our favourite colours for the season, and as a scarf it will brighten up duller outfits.


Keep your hands and feet cosy 

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Get yourself some great gloves, not just for impromptu snowball fights… but also because freezing hands are the worst! Your wrists and hands let out a lot of heat, so keeping them warm will help your whole body feel warmer.

If you are forever on your smartphone, then go for some that you can use with a touch screen but if you are all about the warmth, then these heavy duty iron and resin gloves are for you.

Make sure you’ve got some great cosy socks. You could just go with a pair of hiking socks, something we all do at the chilliest of times. Or by going for super soft Jollie Socks, you will keep your feet cosy, and support all the great work Jollie Goods do for helping those battling homelessness. 

And finally, the finishing touch to every well dressed gent, the footwear. Unless you are a runner, it’s probably time to put those flyknit trainer’s away and swap them out for some boots. There are great things coming from Toms. We are obsessed with these smart casual chukka boots. Just a tip, when you try on your winter boots leave plenty of room for thick socks, even if that means going a size up. 


Have a night in!

If all the bad weather elements come together at once, i.e rainy, windy, snowing, freezing, icy, foggy, grey... as they so often do, then maybe just stay at home with your Toms slippers on, a netflix marathon set up and a cup of hot chocolate. You'll still be in style as you lounge on your couch! 


If you follow all these tips we hope you have a stylishly cosy winter, but get in touch if we’ve not answered all of your questions. Check out our favourite movie moustache blog if you’re taking part in Movember this year, or our in flight style blog if you have a trip coming up!
The Guys The Brotique
The Guys The Brotique

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