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The Brotique Christmas List!

It’s a hectic time of year, so we thought we’d give you a helping hand to get you through it. Here’s our list, covering all the key things to sort out on the run up to Christmas!

Whether it's gift ideas for men you're after, or a great Christmas playlist, we have it all covered in our to do list!



First things first, make a list. Forgetting someone is alway awkward, and all the excuses you think you might pull off, you won’t.

Start by asking the host of your dinner who’s going, that’s the easiest way to figure out if your dad’s cousin’s daughter has a new partner, or if you’re auntie still has that dog she treats like a human.

From there, figure out your budget for each person so there’s no (obvious) favouritism then stick to it! Keep an eye on our advent calendar for new deals or check out the gift guide for ideas for all the men in your life.


The Food 

If you’re hosting, the time to think about dinner is now. In fact, it was a week ago but you still have time. You’ll need to order your turkey first, then figure out if you have any vegetarians or intolerances to cater to.

Jamie Oliver is a genuine Christmas dinner hero, so take a look at his various recipes for great meals for any and every dietary requirement. Oh, and most importantly, never forget the biscuits. 



Even if you’re not hosting, arrive with a playlist, being in control of the music will help you avoid Mariah Carey playing multiple times as the music loops at dinner...

Go full Christmas. Or at least for the start of the day when everyone is opening gifts, during the time you or the chef are under pressure in the kitchen, switch out to something less irritating/ repetitive to avoid meltdowns. Go for some classics, here’s a list of our absolute favourites to add into your Christmas playlist.


Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley

Baby it’s cold outside - Ella Fitzgerald

White Christmas - Bing Crosby

Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC

Last Christmas - Wham

Little Saint Nick - The Beach Boys


She & Him Christmas Party or A Very She & Him Christmas

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Ella & Louis’s Christmas


Secret Santa

Whether you’re stuck with the guy who works remote that you’ve never spoken to, or the one who’s obsessed with his beard, we have something for every budget in our gift guide.

Go for something thoughtful, but not too personal. If you really don’t know the person, then ask a colleague, otherwise, we recommend going for some Jollie Socks! Everyone appreciates a good pair of socks, and these particular ones come with a great cause. For a higher budget or corporate gift, take a look at our Man Hampers. 

The Brotique Edinburgh | Mens Store Edinburgh | The Man Hamper | Gifts for Men


Cards & Wrapping

Another great reason to buy something from The Brotique, we can wrap it up with a card from you and send it straight to the recipient. A totally hassle free way to get the gift to your loved one!

If you are wrapping gifts yourself, and it’s not a skill you’re proud of, either get it wrapped in store, buy a nice box or cover it with ribbons! If it’s for a kid, remember that it doesn’t really matter, it will be torn open in seconds anyway.

Mens Store in Edinburgh | The Brotique Queen Street | Gifts for Men | Gift Ideas for Men 2016



That’s right- get a haircut! Don’t go to your granny's with that mop you’ve been sporting for the last two weeks, sharpen up.

If you’re in Edinburgh, we recommend heading to Ruffians, they’ll give you a great cut and shape your beard if you need it too. Pop by and see us after for some hair products to keep it in shape, or ask the barber what you need and get it ordered online.


Trains, planes and buses

It’s already a bit tight, but if you book now you won’t blow your entire wages on travel expenses, maybe just half of them…



Last, but by no means least, remember the drinks. It's important to know your audience, if it's Christmas with friends, then wine for the meal, craft beer and a rum cocktail would be some great choices.

But if it's Christmas with granny, then get the brandy and mulled wine in. Make sure you've catered those who don't drink alcohol, nobody wants a diluting juice on Christmas. Go for some sparkling elderflower for the adults and for the kids, whatever they want, but nothing too sugary, they'll be hyper enough as it is! 

We'll be drinking Brewgooder at Christmas, afterall it is the time for giving and we trust that these guys will get our money to those who need it most. 

The Brotique Edinburgh | Brewgooder


We think that about covers it, but let us know on social media if there’s something we’ve forgotten!


Check out the Christmas shopping tips if you still need to venture out to the high street… 

Siobhan Scott
Siobhan Scott

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