DOVO "Astrale" Ebony 5/8" Straight Razor

Meticulous. Precise. Expert. Specialized. Hand-crafted. If these are the words to describe your straight razor, then look to Dovo. Heralding from the land of cutlery, Solingen, Germany, this company has over a hundred years of cutlery experience. Sharp, handcrafted blades are their life-blood. Check out the bestselling Dovo "Astrale" Ebony 5/8" Straight Razor. 

This blade is a half-hollow grind of high carbon steel and, along with the 5/8" size, it is perfect for general removal of beard growth. The etching on the blade is 24k gold and lends itself to the mystique of straight edge shaving. The rounded point is excellent for a smooth shave as it helps disperse the pressure from the blade. Correct care of your utensil is imperative, so make sure to rinse in clear water and dry thoroughly after each use.

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