DOVO Bergischer Lowe Buffalo Horn Open Razor

The Bergischer Lowe is a 5/8" full hollow carbon steel blade finished spectacularly with gold etching and gold plating on the spine. The blade is mirror polished and includes a sculpted spine and Spanish Point. The handle is crafted from natural buffalo horn which makes every product unique and makes it a collectable piece. This is a remarkable razor fit for only the most refined of groomers, a man who not only appreciates quality and unsurpassed design but also enjoys making a statement.
  • Blade Depth - 5/8"
  • Carbon steel blade – Solingen, Germany
  • Full hollow ground – close, comfortable shave
  • Round point – forgiving for poor form
  • 24 Karat Gold etching – ‘Bergischer Lowe’
  • Scales – Buffalo horn so every produce is unique
  • Colours will vary from light to dark.
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