Dovo Bismark 6/8" Open Razor in Ebony with Gold Inlay

he Dovo 26810 'Bismarck' is a beloved classic in their range, a 6/8" carbon steel razor with round point and shoulderless style ~5mm at its thickest point and a rather hefty ~50 grams. The blade's spine and 'show' side have been tastefully etched, the face of the blade given the eponymous decoration. Bismarck has no file jimps (little ridges near where you hold a razor) because its tang (the part you hold) is so well sculpted that they are of no aid; your thumb naturally falls into the notch and there it stays. This is an excellent option as a first razor for any new user with large hands or particularly large fingertips.

  • Carbon Steel (= Protect From Rust at All Times!)
  • 6/8" Size Shoulderless Round Point Blade ~5mm at Thickest
  • Ebony Wood Handle with Gold "SOLINGEN" Inlay
  • Made in Solingen, Germany


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